Maybe add the ability to add "Rake" to your car?

I’ve seen many a sports car some serious rake going on. Has that been discussed?
For those who don’t know, rake is when the rear end of your car sits higher than the front, creating an almost pounce looking stance.

Rake is always sweet.

What would it add to the gameplay value though? I personally don’t think the contribution to the quality of gameplay would be enough to justify the time and effort to implement this. Although it would be cool to have it in the game just to mess around with. :stuck_out_tongue:

somebody please clarify what the hell is rake? :smiley:

Imagine a cat before it pounces. It’s ass is high in the air and its nose is near the ground. Take that image, add it to a car, the ass is up on huge tires, and the nose is down. Its more aerodynamic and it makes the car handle so much better.

Independent ride height for front and rear? Visualized suspension adjustments?

I’d be cool with that. Would love to actually see how the ride height is.

agree on visual ride height, can’t say i would be a fan on individual controls, but hey, why not?

That’s forward rake. Of course, if you like your car with more go than turn, you could always use a rearward rake instead… in which case to customise the two it’d require two sliders for ride height, one at the front and one at the rear. I’m not sure if the calculations accomodate for this…

The current models would only show very minor differences in the calculations. All you would see is a very slight change in weight distribution. The aero effect would not be visible at all with the current aero system. So for the (tycoon :wink: ) game it is not really worth it in my opinion.