Mid-engined 1970s cars?

One car type I miss is the mid-engined sportscar, similar to Porsche 914 or some of Giugiaro’s most famous designs. I have years of experience of modelling cars in 3D Studio Max and could make some if I had a guide on how to export car templates.

Great timing! If you want to give it a go, Daffy has just released a car building tutorial. Links: youtu.be/y8pWxdaM1tI and youtu.be/dcoq52moiY8

Thank you! :slight_smile: I already have a more or less complete Lotus Esprit S1 model from a WIP project. Shouldn’t be too hard to model a similar car for Automation.

That looks amazing! I’ll be anxious to see your automation releases.

Any idea on what polycount I should aim for? :slight_smile:

wow… ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Car Model designer right here fellas

I can’t remember but the 1st tutorial has a figure - I think the max was about 9k

It is between 3k and 9k, if I remember correctly, it is said on the tutorial though.