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Military vehicles

i think that games nees AMV’s and other military grade cars

there is people making tanks with 3d placement, you could do that too if you want to

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tanks are classified as cars?
i mean cars for military use

According to numerous organisations around the world a Hilux with a HMG mount on the back is a perfectly fine military grade vehicle, and that’s something already possible in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit more seriously, I think that such major suggestions need at least a little of argumentation, especially since a much more frequent request about race cars is consistently denied because of the game being about production road-going cars. Those military ones I can think of that fit this category already seem to be possible in the game, so please elaborate if you mean something else. Guessing is not a very effective way of communication.


Military vehicles on wheels with car or truck body

I can’t see what makes them impossible to do at the moment TBH, at least not with mod bodies.


So guessing it is…