Miscellaneous fixtures

Just as the title implies, how about adding a section of miscellaneous fixtures at some point? That way we could have extra fixtures that don’t really fit anywhere else in one section, with things like sunroofs, window mods (like Corvette’s round window), roof racks, rear-mounted spares, trim pieces (also an existing mod), bullbars, rally/offroad lights, etc.

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Bullbars, spare wheels, racks, lights, et cetera would work exactly like licence plates, and could be put under badges, being unlikely that you’d only put the fixture on one side of the car. As for sunroofs, you can use bonnet scoops for that effect now, so they could be put there. Just my 2 cents.

That’s exactly it, the fixtures can fit in other categories and behave like them. That’s why I’m suggesting a misc section to group all the odd ones instead of having to look for them in unrelated menus. It’s not a really concern at this point, since they’re all mods, but if there are standalone fixtures like them that get added it would make sense to have them in one menu.

I could be wrong here (and probably am) but from what I’ve noticed, how they behave is determined by the folder they’re in. I moved a grille to the vents folder, and got new vents, and the other way seems to work too. I think that “h4xxor”, or whatever his name was, did the same thing.