Mobile World

This is just a brief idea that I think would really expand the fan database and increase possible funding. Make the “demo”/ “alpha” available on android and IOS. Yes, I know this means a rebuild for it, but long term wise it could really help the knowledge and investments to this awesome game expand, and fast. Let me know what you guys think.

Uh, I don’t think we could make what amounts to about 2 years of full time work for the entire team pay off :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, would it really take that long to translate it?

Yes it would, a port of all the 3d rendering thingies to work on smartphones, suiting models to the smartphones’ computing power, UI redesigning, all that is difficult, and takes a lot of time

Considering it would be an entirely new game, as the engine we’re on is Windows PC only, and considering every single bit of art would need a lower poly version modeled of it… Yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t think viewing on a tiny smartphone screen would do it much justice.
lets not push back the game into the next decade here.

I didn’t realize that it would take so much effort. Granted that Rockstar and Sony have a much larger staff than three people, I was thinking that at the rate companies are taking old games and converting them to mobile games that it wasn’t so difficult. I also thought that this game was much more difficult when it came to coming up with the algorithms and statistics used for it then the actual programming and developing. I know nothing about programming though :laughing: I figured that it would just take a few months to take what you had and use the android sdk and reprogram the information that you had, but I also thought that your game wasn’t as much programming difficulty as it was algorithms. I guess scratch this idea off the list :smiley:

did it even make the list? :laughing:


did it even make the list? :laughing:[/quote]

Well, let’s just give me some benefit and say that the entire suggestion forum is a list :smiley:

any suggestion is welcome :slight_smile: keep em rolling :slight_smile:

Something that may interest you is that a lot of the Mobile versions of AAA games are made in Melbourne, I’ve heard a talk from the guys who did the iOS versions of Dead Space and Mirrors Edge, and they pretty much 100% started from scratch to make those, maybe only recycling a bit of art (with a lot of optimization)

Jaye (nortala) can probably add even more to this, as she worked on the iOS port of Need For Speed: Shift :slight_smile:

Oh wow, definitely would not have expected that. Good to know.