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If I wasn’t a newb then this thread wouldn’t be here, you know it. I don’t know at what point we will move away from working with models in 3DS Max like we do now, but until then I’ll try to learn.

I’m waaay behind the curve right now. Most of the stuff that can be done has been. I’m not giving up though, and there are a few others who are just starting too. So if a thread is made that links a lot of relevant content, it may be useful. One place that definitively answers a lot of FAQ’s in this section might prove helpful.

== FAQs ==

  1. Where can I start to model?
    A: You need 3DS Max 2010-2013 32bit (only!). This available to download for free, however requires a product key and serial number. Both of which Autodesk no longer sells. The student edition is not available either. A vague hint:
    Pirates of the Caribbean - He's a Pirate (Extended) - YouTube

  2. What else do I need?

== Tutorials ==

  1. So I just got 3DS, what do I do?
    A: Look throught the tutorials they refence. They are very good in getting a grip on the layout and tools included.
    3ds Max| Resources | AREA by Autodesk
    Touring the UI in 3ds Max - YouTube
  2. I’m not new to 3D modeling, how can I become acquainted?
    A: You should probably watch some videos too. Then go ahead and explore the toolbars, try changing up the keyboard shortcuts to learn the functionalities of the software and suit what you are accustomed to.
  3. I’m now somewhat getting the hang of this. What next?
    A: Watch some more tutorials. Find techniques that people use, it wouldn’t hurt to get a hold on some tips and tricks. Try to follow along on something you feel comfortable with, maybe a simple house or something.
    Next step, take a look at TR8R’s badge tutorial. Also, not very tricky, but it brings you to some new content. Definitely a good way to get into modeling for Automation.
    Badges tutorial

The exporter, you simply move the one with the year of 3dsmax u have into the plugins folder

Thank you, I shall then move KajiraExport_2013.dle then.

If anyone is following this thread, I have hit a hitch. I’m trying to make a badge that works like an alphabet, and has a rectangle with rounded corners for a base. The UVMesh is identical to the base. I don’t know what the UVMesh is supposed to be like so I just tried something out.

@Sillyworld @TR8R hope you guys don’t mind me bothering you :blush:

UVmesh should be half the size of the badge…and positioned left of centre. The mesh duplicates itself symmetrically on the right and can’t overlap at all.

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You can watch on the grilles tutorial that the UVmesh usually tend to be a bit smaller than the grille (or fixture) but that size may change related with some features; extruded, flat, embedded…, even the number of vertices on the meshes can play a role on how the fixture behaves on rounded/complex surfaces…, just practice, and that reminds me that I have to revisit my fixtures once again.

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@TR8R I was suspecting that but wasn’t too sure .
Thanks guys!

@ramthecowy sorry for not replying, but I don’t know how to do fixtures :stuck_out_tongue: but I see you already got help :slight_smile:

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Big bump. Deliberate.

Do I need to use the dds files or some Material Editor to apply material IDs in 3DS Max?

If I do need it where can I find them? Is it the sample grilles zip?

Open the material editor in 3ds Max and load up the grill sample. The texture will load up with it, and you just need to click and drag it onto your model to apply the materials. Then in the polygon tabs, you can assign material IDs to change the parts of your grill to the corresponding materials of the applied texture.


Perfect! Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for!

@thecarlover one more question. I was watching the Dev tutorial on making a grille, and also had the badge tutorial from TR8R. When it comes to the lua, they both have a different way. If I have to put my mod on Steam, there must be something in the la that tells the game that the mod it’s loading is a grille or a vent etc. What should I do?

That’s the folder structure. Check the gamedata folder and copy the folder structure of other grill mods.


Noobish naive question coming up: If people have been adding black vinyl materials and chrome to bodies, which are completely independent of paint colour, would it be possible to add a basic yellow flame to the front (Like older hotrods used to do)?

It is possible but I don’t know how. It involves adding different texture files, which has been done for the convertible top on a couple of bodies. However, you won’t be able to stamp fixtures onto that section.

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That’s OK in my case, appreciate the reply!

Time to learn to make a boxy Monte Carlo…

Hi there! In case I ever decide to start modeling myself, does anybody know if this will also work with 64-bit versions of 3DS Max as well? I’d be okay if I had to deal with a few extra steps here and there, TBH. As long as I can still work said models into the game. =)

Right now, you will need the 32-bit version of 3DS. We will have to wait and see whether 64-bit 3DS will work post-UE

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sorry for a double post, just wanted to tell you people that the was no longer available for download off the Automation servers. Luckily I had the zip and so I’ve uploaded it to the OP.

It is actually included in the automation SDK on Steam, as long with the kajira exporter, the psd file for car bodies preview (?), cooling calculator and other 3ds sample files ;D

see even I didn’t know that. That’s why this FAQ exists. Thanks!

EDIT: where do I find this stuff? never seen a cooling calculator or any PSD files?

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