Modern Turbo Engines

They have been flooding the market in the past decade, reaching peak torque at 1500rpm, sometimes lower, little monsters being very popular nowadays.
And as naturally aspirated engines above 2.0L are starting to disappear, low peaking turbos are the key for making modern, powerful engines in Automation.
Any comments from the developers regarding the implementation of such turbo technology?

You mean variable turbo geometry?

And/Or twin-scroll turbos, which are a cheaper alternative but only work for engines with an even cylinder count.

After the grand campaign “module” is completed the developers will take care about this with a major engine editor revamp.


No inline 5 cylinders then? :wink:

Don’t forget electric superchargers and electric assist turbochargers.

You know turbochargers are here for the long haul when Honda finally uses one in a production model. :sunglasses:

Doesn’t mean I have to like it!

I will run my company like I run my life: Poorly, and naturally aspirated!

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Then how do you plumb the exhaust manifold so that the pulses are evenly distributed to each scroll of the turbine housing?

The comment from the developer definitely will have to be: check out the FAQ Q8,


You simply rearrange the firing order! 1-3-1-5-1-2-1-4



My face and my palm hurt. I’ll leave you to guess why.

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Because sarcasm makes your face and palm hurt? :wink:


Because you’ve been gone for god knows how long and this is your big entrance :smiley:


I’ve actually been here the entire time…lurking quietly. :smiley:

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