More BeamNG Drive Functionality ideas

Hey all. Whenever I export to BeamNG Drive, on my Automation created cars I am unable to use the “Fun Stuff” and play around with the ESC in Sport, Offroad and Normal modes like I am with the BeamNG made cars. If anyone here has any suggestions of more BeamNG Drive / Automation cross-functionality ideas feel free to post them below, and I hope that the devs will be able to see this.

My suggestions are:

  • Have Automation cars be able to use the same “Fun Stuff” and different ESC Mode options as most BeamNG Drive cars have

  • Work on a new update with the crew at BeamNG to design simple interiors based on your choices (e.g. we’d have an interior for the 90s 00s and 10s in Standard, Premium, Sport etc. on a basis of 30 years and each selected interior along with the Infotainment System selected). I know that this will be tough but it’s in high demand!

The interiors are impossible and will never come, but ESC modes is a good idea, especially in the most modern cars.

Btw, I’m sure there is a workaround that enables ESC modes through file editing. I don’t know how to do it, but it should be possible.

Edit: as I suspected, every car .zip has a camso_electronics.jbeam file. You can edit it there with Notepad++ for example.


Well… try modding an interior and you’ll see how time consuming it is…

For the other part, as the guy above pointed out, google how to edit beamng mods. There are some neat features you can do that are not part of Automation, for example adding Superchargers. Most of them involve copying and pasting or in the worst cases read the beamng documentation and experiment a bit.

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Doors, hoods and trunk lids that would open in a crash

Convertible soft tops that don’t deform permanently after a crash, and would go back up, since fabric doesn’t keep it’s shape like steel.

And that every car had see-through windows, even though there wouldn’t be an interior.

unlikely, as the body is modeled as one shell

see above (therefore is the same “material” all round AFAIK)

i would classify that as possible, but definitly not as good-looking as the existing setup with non-transparent windows

  1. That would require cars to have an interior

  2. If the car didn’t have an interior, what’s the point of the see through windows?

Because blacked windows look wonky sometimes. I would also prefer an empty interior with see-through mirrors.