More Car Starter Models/Bodies?

I’m sorry if this has already been posted and answered, but I was wondering if there will be any more car base models?
Models like Ute’s, trucks, wagons, SUV’s etc. If not it would make the game very enjoyable and it could interest more players, if they’re not already happy with the game… (I love it)


In the final game there will be a lot more, Yes.

The next update will add at least 6 more bodies :slight_smile:

That’s really good to hear! :smiley:
Also, when you say “next update” is that the one that’s coming out early November?

Yep! :slight_smile:

Does that include a mid engine body?

I have an engine that is a little OTT :blush: that is dying for a mid engined sports car.

Nope, no mid-engined ones yet!
Check it out yourself! The update is out :smiley:

when are you going to put trucks in i have a turbo v8 begging for a truck body around it

Later down the line! Nothing which is coming in the near future.

darn when will the next update be

If we get through the big list of things we want to do, then either before Christmas, or early January.

very cool keep up the good work

One thing I was thinking earlier was (and no doubt you have thought of it already) re-using the bodies created in the car designer with alternative floorplans i.e. mid or rear engine locations. This would allow for some crazy creations without too much extra work (I say as a layman). Perhaps in tycoon mode this would be recognised as risky/niche eg a mid engined hatchback ala Clio V6.

Anything that lets us reuse car body models for other things is GOOD :slight_smile:

If next update will be before Christmas, i would be very happy because, this game will be my present, oh also maybe some special cars eg. buggy, nascar car etc.

We kinda need to do stuff covering all the different styles of normal road car first :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we have something like a VW Transporter? … i_2002.jpg

you could even add supercar bodies and rear-mounted engines for them. :wink: :unamused:

More Car Bodies will come with the next Updates!

Yes… even Bodies with rearmounted engines and super/sportcar bodies…

When? When they are done - and after the Car designer is totally complete the developement focus lies on the tycoon part of the game. After the tycoon part is finished there will be a lots of content updates.