More interior sliders?

Currently, I feel that the interior selection is quite limited. Basically we can choose lighter and cheaper vs heavier and more comfortable, and that’s it. I would like to have options for more varied choices. I would propose having three sliders:

  1. Comfort - as it is now
  2. Weight - lower weight with no comfort loss, but more expensive
  3. Practicality - more passenger and cargo space with a small weight increase and more production cost (think Honda Fit)

The last one is the most interesting to me because in real life a large part of interior design is getting the most interior space out of the smallest exterior dimensions. Being able to design something like the Fit with tiny dimensions but cargo space approaching an SUV would be great.
If not, at least give us the ability to fold down the rear seats!

On a related note, I feel that the comfort penalty for adding more seats is too much. Yes, if 5 people share the same space as 4 people, there is less space per person. But if 4 people sit in a car for 5 people, they shouldn’t be any less comfortable than sitting in a car for 4. Also, for SUVs and vans, adding a third row of seats doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make the second row smaller.


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There are far too many possible options (materials, textures, colours, seat shapes and myriad other variables) to make the interior of the car worth the programming time.

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Again, too many possibilities. The seats in a ford focus are unlike those in a Ferrari, which are different to a Lambo. They’d spend another 6 years designing interiors, which has no benefit to game play, unless you’re hoping that new preferences are added to the demographics. Then that would need to be coded, adding another 18 months (random number, for illustration’s sake)

While most probably nothing of this will make it into the game, I like the different dependencies that would add.

Your 4 vs. 5 seats point doesn’t make much sense though, with that reasoning cars with 4 seats would not exist.

Another way of looking at it would be: what feature would you remove in order to make room for these new sliders? We literally could add 100s of option, which would make the game tedious and not fun… so what would go in order to make room for your proposed changes? Just curious.

Well, 4 seats would still be lighter and cheaper vs. 5 seats. It just feels strange because currently adding more seats can almost negate the comfort boost of a higher interior option. I would feel much more comfortable in a premium 5 seat than a standard 4 seat.

For the sliders, I know there’s a lot of potential work when it comes to interiors which is why I wanted to keep them simple. I’m probably completely wrong on this, but wouldn’t adding two sliders only require some additional calculations? Certainly much less work than full interior modeling or anything of that sort. Instead of intricate customization, I’d just like to be able to tailor a car interior towards a specific purpose. The current comfort vs weight/cost is too limited in this regard.

a nice additional interior-option should be ‘Race’ means to throw out all the unnecessary stuff and put in a rollovercage. so we can build racingcars for fun. the Cage should add safety and stiffness.

Yes, a very barebone race interior option would be nice. We currently have the sport option, but that one is still heavier than the most basic option we have.

Basic interior is basically “stripped”. An F40 would be basic interior, the F50 has sports interior.