More Suspension types

What’s about more suspension types?
I mean, for example, transverse leaf spring for front suspension. And semi-trailing arm suspension for rear-engine cars?

And some other, maybe swing axle or de dion suspension?

The short answer to your question is “sorry but no new suspension types are going to be added.” The designers are on feature lock for the forseeable future, likely until v1.0.

In any cases, these still aren’t likely to be added even once the game is closer to final state:

Its barely used past the 1930s. The Corvette and GM W-body are about the only cars I can think of.

Isn’t this basically just Chapman / MacPherson strut?

Again, not really used past the 1930s. I know a consequential number of rear-engined, immediately postwar European cars used it but it rapidly fades into nonexistence past about 1960.


@vmo Okay more than I realized :smile:

But still, one thing I just realized with transverse leaf spring is that its basically just the spring arrangement that is different, like many forms of torsion bar suspension. The suspension geometries still fall into the categories we have established i.e. double wishbone, struts, semi-trailing arm, multi-link.


Post war transverse leaf spring? The Fiat 500/600, Corvettes, GM W 1st gen/ E plattform, Volvo 960, original Opel GT… Maybe “common”, but we can play without them


Transverse Leaf was very common in Post War Europe, pretty much the most used Type here, at least in the smaller Cars.
I think OP is also talking about Torsion Bar Suspension, commonly in use in the Beetle and some Frenchies.

Really, the Suspension Types right now only Cover American and Australian Cars and are barely applicable to the Civilized World.

sorry, but again you are mistaken. swing axles were still seen on cars produced well into the 70’s, and you a even more mistaken about De Dion type. that was very common throughout the 60’s-80’s and is actually still used on the Smart/Twingo and Mitsubishi i-Mev.


that’s just patently false. we have the components for the majority of the most common types of suspension setups used on european and japanese cars throughout the game’s timeline.

De Dion, yeah you got me :wink: .

How much were swing axles really used past the 60s though? This is list isn’t exhaustive but at the same time its not very big and some of them on it by pure technicality (i.e. produced in the early 70s but designed in the early 60s):

  • Triumphs (GT6, Spitfire, etc)
  • Some Skodas. The 120 is admittedly a latent user of this tech into the 80s.
  • Mercedes W108
  • Subaru 360 / Rex
  • Hillman Imp

From what I can tell, even European manufacturers began migrating away from swing axles in the 60s in droves.

In any case, how relevant is it to split hairs over this? A request for more suspension types must come in every week and the argument against is always the same. The car and engine designers are on feature lock. And the features they have are based around the most prevalent designs by far.

Yeah you’re right but we REALLY do need transverse torsion bar suspension with offset trailing arms, a design used on literally A FEW Renaults in the 1970s.

french RR cars, mostly. along with Triumphs and Skodas.

The Imp, though, has STA’s.

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