MPV/Van Thread

A thread for you to post your MPVs or in general Vans. Kicking it off we have…

2004-2012 Taimania Psionic SES & Adventure Package (FL & Pre-FL)

Inspired by Boxsterholic’s Sedans/Estates Thread


Crossovan. Cute.


It’s more of a miniature MPV, but it still has the right body style for this thread. The Adventure Package reminds me of the short-lived Scenic RX4, but without the rear-mounted spare tire.


I was actually astonished how this thread is so thin.
I know these cars aren’t sexy, but… here should be more.

See now:
1985 Globus Traveller LX (right) and 1992 Globus Traveller LX (left). The headlights on the facelift were quite a challenge, I had to fumble a lot until they did not look messy any more, but no pain, no gain.


Nice, Grand Caravan based?

yep, as Globus is a non-premium US brand, it made sense to go for the classic minivan, but it does not have sliding doors. LS means low trim and an 1.8 I4, LX a nice interior and a 2.2 V6.

What are the power outputs of the two engines and the zero to 60 times of each car? 1.8 litres doesn’t seem like a very big engine for the American market, except maybe in a delivery van variant.

2019 Brio Sentre A Mid-Size European MPV meant to compete against the Volkswagen Touran and Ford S-Max.

Horiko/Reno LC200/Rumen 2007

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