MPV/Van Thread

A thread for you to post your MPVs or in general Vans. Kicking it off we have…

2004-2012 Taimania Psionic SES & Adventure Package (FL & Pre-FL)

Inspired by Boxsterholic’s Sedans/Estates Thread


Crossovan. Cute.


It’s more of a miniature MPV, but it still has the right body style for this thread. The Adventure Package reminds me of the short-lived Scenic RX4, but without the rear-mounted spare tire.


I was actually astonished how this thread is so thin.
I know these cars aren’t sexy, but… here should be more.

See now:
1985 Globus Traveller LX (right) and 1992 Globus Traveller LX (left). The headlights on the facelift were quite a challenge, I had to fumble a lot until they did not look messy any more, but no pain, no gain.


Nice, Grand Caravan based?

yep, as Globus is a non-premium US brand, it made sense to go for the classic minivan, but it does not have sliding doors. LS means low trim and an 1.8 I4, LX a nice interior and a 2.2 V6.

What are the power outputs of the two engines and the zero to 60 times of each car? 1.8 litres doesn’t seem like a very big engine for the American market, except maybe in a delivery van variant.

2019 Brio Sentre A Mid-Size European MPV meant to compete against the Volkswagen Touran and Ford S-Max.

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Horiko/Reno LC200/Rumen 2007


2008 Omota Grand Transvan and 2012 Grand Transvan facelift
(yes, Caravan based.) I own one as a work vehicle. The red one was my second ever car created.


1997 Globus Traveller

Developed by a worldwide team in Europe and USA, the car offers the best out of both worlds. Fluent design, great comfort, easy to drive. However, not even a hint of sportiness. Globus is the value brand, after all, it’s a practical car with no premium attitude.
The entry-level LS model features seven seats, a lowtech 2.3-liter I4, an electronic controlled four-speed auto, four power windows, bearable stereo system - for the price of an ususal fove-seater compact car with no more power or standard features.


perhaps you want something slightly more comfortable


[Lazy copy paste from my company thread]

After a few… less than favourable situations, A.A had found a need to compete with the ever favourable family wagon segment, but to also find something that could be seen as new, trendy and cutting edge. They had seen that more youth were looking for bigger truck based vans but needed it to be small enough to be used in more everyday situations. And so, they came up for an early eighties release of this: The 1978 Ascot Dragoon

Powered by an updated variant of the 135 CI OHV I4, the ES 2.2 is now retrofitted with an early version of Single Point Fuel Injection, as well as the pesky mandated Catalytic Converter, making a cruisy 90 HP going to the front wheels. The interior will seat 8 in grand comfort while also offering ample grocery hauling capabilities.

If however you need a bit more style and power, the MS 3.4 has got what you need. Sporting some two tone alloy wheels this beast packs a 210 CI V6 sporting the same SPFI system as it’s smaller brother but offering 140 hp to the front wheels, as well as more upmarket and comfortable seating for all 8 family members.


2018 Ford G-MAX Facelift. Another weird Euro-MPV. (Fake Car)