Mqb/similar car platforms

I looked the first video of the car designer. Looking good already.

In the video you showed that you can select size of car for the platform you are creating.

But will you implementate variable size platform? Vag has its MQB-platform ( … B_platform). Toyota and Volvo have been told to research something similar and every big manufactorer is at least investigating around this area.

This is mostly a cost reduction tool (in my opinion) to make different size models to use as much same parts as anothers. But I think it could be great addition to the game if you could reduce costs by using same parts in many models across the whole lineup… MQB/similar would be part of that…

This could be a great addition in the tycoon part of the game and I think you should consider this in the engines, platforms and in any other parts from which the cars are build up. So more quantity means less costs. I think this is and has been the key part of automotive industry for several years or even decades…

Very nice!

Devs? Anyone? :slight_smile:

Doesn’t really make sense with the way we handle platforms to be honest.

Also very hard to implement at this stage.