Multi delete

We should be able to ctrl click trims or models and then delete the ones we marked

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That’s an idea I’ve thought of in the past, and I think it would make for a good addition to the game. It would surely eliminate some of the tediousness that the current version suffers of.

Still, I think it might be a difficult one to pull off, and more so if it’s also added to the engine management tab. Let’s say that, for example, you select 7 engines, of which 4 are attached to a trim each, and then try to delete them. What should the game do in that case? Delete the 3 that aren’t attached to a car and then give you an error message about the other 4? That would mean that a number of engine names (4 in this case) should be displayed to you in a text box (or whatever it’s called) that has the ability to adapt it’s size to whatever amount of names need to be displayed.

An alternative way to go could be to first having to select the “delete” function, and then let you pick whatever families or variants you want to get rid of as long as they aren’t attached to any trim, which they could be displayed as grayed out or, maybe, pop up a warning text box letting you know they can’t be selected when you click on them.

I don’t know anything about programming but I certainly like the idea.


I think you can? It just doesn’t let you delete any if any engine you select is attached to a trim.

I mean, I wanted to delete multiple cars

OK my mistake, it IS in the game, I just had a problem with it, thread closed.