Multiplayer - how many players online / how many games?

Would be nice to see from the website how many players are online in the multi player and how many games are ongoing at the moment. It would be lot easier to see it from the website compared to loading game. :slight_smile:

Also lobby states that there is 5 players online although I can’t find any games or any players in lobby?

I think that the priority of a live counter for the website would be pretty low for now to be honest. It’d take a lot more time coding everything, and could possibly put more stress on the servers. This could be a good option in the future though, but right now, rarely anyone plays Multiplayer, so Singleplayer is the big focus for now.

Regarding the 5 players online, I’m not sure, but I think they might just be the people browsing the Multiplayer section.

The 5 players online thing is a bug with the player count.

Multiplayer isn’t getting much attention until later on, as it’s just not popular to warrant the attention yet.