Hi, first of all I’d like to say how excited I am to see this game in development. My brother and I played Detroit ALOT and always dreamed of almost exactly what you guys are making! I’ve downloaded the Engine Builder demo and I love what you’re doing, I can’t wait to see what the rest is like.

Now, to the business of my header :slight_smile: As I mentioned, the great joy of Detroit for me, was that my Brother an I played it together, we’d be joint CEOs and would go to great lengths ( A4 pad each with our brief, objectives, plans for world domination etc) to work as a team, sharing the load of the company, catering for our own individual strengths and submitting to the others authority in the case of them being better at it (I was always the engine guy, he was a much better bodywork designer, and we’d share the fiscal brief).

What I’m dying to know, is how close can the Multiplayer come to giving me the experience my brother and I had as kids, now we’ve grown older (but definitely not “up”) and live in separate parts of the city? Does the game facilitate join ownership in a company where each player can take on a role, or is it purely adversarial, where we’d only ever be able to own rival companies? If you guys hadn’t thought of multiplayer like this (we always bought games for the co-op modes rather than Street Fighter 1V1 multiplayers) would you consider doing it?

Thanks for your time, really can’t wait to see what your product looks like in the next update :smiley:

Keep up the good work!

It’s been discussed but don’t remember if you’re able to co-own a company with anyone else. However you will be able to sell engine’s and platforms, maybe more, between different companies so you could at least unofficially co-operate.

Yep, there will be co-op for sure, we love co-op games :slight_smile:

You guys just sold another 2 copies.

Time for my little Bro and I to dust down the A4 pads, sharpen the pencils and get ready for the dream to come true!