New body option

I know it’ll be going a little complicated, but could the body maker be more like Detroit and the new Victory : The Age of Racing ?
I mean, being able to choose front and rear independently to make even greater styles.
Then we could have a real break with the same front as our compact.
To make it we could just forget about the middle (who cares ?) and set the junction behind the front seats. Maybe could we shape the juction ourselves to make it smooth enough.
As it has already been made in a 3D game (Victory) it can work. Is it possible ?

You dont have to choose from any presets. if you have watched any videos about making a car to completion you should know. :slight_smile:

In fact it’s not in the game, it’s a suggestion. And I watched all the videos. Thanks for the reply anyway.

So… any reply ? :unamused:


We have thought of this option and decided against it. It would be pretty difficult to make all the model parts merge correctly at the appropriate spots. What is easy in 2D, becomes almost impossible in 3D… at least for a 1-artist team!

Its sounds like a good idea but I agree with Kilrob feature creep is something these guys have to deal with all the time and they need to be disciplined, if they implemented every good idea the game will still be in development in 5 years…

You will probably find that the different body types will have similar shapes, there is no point reinventing the wheel and its the same with the body types. A 90s sedan and 90s station wagon (estate) of the same type will probably have a very similar appearance (well apart for the back half of the car)…

I knew about it but I asked anyway. Even if it has been made in a 3d 2012 game, it mainly was F1s and it can’t be made on stock vehicles. Thanks for the reply.