New engine suggestion

I’d like to see twin/dual spark (2 spark plugs per cylinder) ignition systems in the game. I think that would be great for those who are looking to go for power/efficiency builds.

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The multi-spark engine is a good idea on paper, especially since it improves power and efficiency (albeit at greater cost), but I’m not sure if the game engine can support such a setup, although if it could, I’d be in favor of its inclusion in a future update.

As for flathead engines, I’m afraid that those are less likely to be implemented - it’s a more primitive technology, one commonly seen in pre-WW2 cars, but with 1946 being the earliest year in-game, adding flathead setups to the list of engine configurations may not be much of a priority.

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I’d recommend taking a look at the FAQ as far as flatheads go.

The position of the devs is that these designs are so limited that it’s hard to make an actual reason to choose them. By 1946, the modern head design is technically superior, delivering better results without a substantial increase in cost or complexity.

There are plenty of technologies which seem better/worse on paper but are balanced. Why use pushrod when DOHC delivers superior power, efficiency and emissions? Because pushrod is cheaper, lighter and easier to fit in the engine bay. Why use double wishbones when complex multilink is available? Because complex multilink is expensive.

Flatheads really don’t have that benefit. They aren’t cheaper, there isn’t a way you can implement it to be the right cost at some point in some context.

Thank you. I have edited my post accordingly.


Hello! From my point of view (no idea of programming games :joy:) I would like to see more types of engines and talking about old engines see single-cylinder and twin-cylinders, That would be great.

The multispark would be a nice thing to see I think alfaromeo had engines from the 80s with these technologies and it would be nice to have it in the game.

But the developers do an excellent job and it would be very complex to do. Greetings mates!