New Forum Sub-Section: Scenario Help

Or tips, or strategies.

I could use some help on some of the scenario’s. I’m not an engineer (yet), so I don’t fully understand how to optimize my engines for different outcomes. It would also be cool to see what other people have done to get the results they have. It wouldn’t be very fun to get step by step instructions for how to set up an engine, but sometimes I wish I could figure out what I’m doing wrong so I can go from there.

We don’t really get enough posts to justify a whole forum, but you should post up a thread in the General forum, I’m sure loads of the expert engine builders will be happy to advise :slight_smile:

Ok… I never tried posting in the general forums cuz I never saw any scenario posts there, lol.

You have a '94 MX-5? I used to… it was one of my favorite cars. It’s the first car I ever really regretted selling, lol.

Yup, Love my mx5 :slight_smile:

I want another one someday… as a strictly track car. I already have a BMW E28 and E30 project car though, so not sure when I’ll get my next MX-5. I’ve had a '94 NA and an '06 NC. I think my next MX-5 should be a Sunburst '93.