New Fuels Perhaps

I already know that diesel is unlikely so im not going to even suggest that but what i suggest would be to add more leaded types as there were more than just 92ron and 98ron (2 and 4 star in th uk). Such as 95 ron Leaded which was called 3 star in the uk.
This would allow us to configure some engines more realistically because some engines in the 60s and 70s actually were configured to run on 95 leaded rather than the more common 4 star 98 leaded that many fuelled them with, although due to the infuritaing vagueness of internet sources and most haynes manuals not having octane rating in their specifications i cant name any.


Coming in Light Campaign v4.2


actually if we can get 90 RON and 89 RON fuel it will also be great for making a budget cars, since both those fuel still used until now as regular grade in less developing countries

Both of those are too close to 91 RON regular unleaded, and as such, Iā€™m afraid that neither of them would be necessary inclusions at a later date.

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well true actually, just thinking feels kinda nice to have more limitation option

Adding more options is not always better for the gameplay/design. For starters it would be more complicated for players to comprehend and track which fuel to use where. You would need to make various demographics/countries use different fuel types, present this information somehow to the user etc. On top of that, it could multiply number of engine variants and/or trims of the car, complicating factories setup/engineering. And it would make one more moving part that has to be taken into account when balancing the game. In an exchange, would it add something really valuable to the gameplay? I would guess no.