New panel materials

My idea would be 2 new panel materials :
Partial Carbon
Partial Plastic

Partial Carbon:
A less extreme version of the full CF option. It would be heavier than normal CF but easier and faster to produce and manufactor. It could be used for sportcars, trackcars and even highend economy vehicles.

Partial Plastic:
Cheap and easy to produce. And also cheap to replace but it would need a “Plastic molding” facility, has a low environmental resistance and impacts the prestige. Would be useful for budget vehicles.


Laguna II? :thinking:

I think the best example is the Smart ForTwo

Arguably the smart is plastic bodywork on a steel chassis.

That said, the old polymer material returning would be very useful for low cost lightweight cars like smarts and Saturns, among others.


Could we also add the darker shades of chrome and shiny metal to all fixture textures? :no_mouth:

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Yeah. Good idea!

The new A8, 7-series and TVR Griffith uses carbon components on the steel or aluminum chassis.

Partial Plastic



Partial plastic, like the clio 2, yeah it would be a cool option!

Literally any Renault since the 1980s?

Speaking of Renault, the first three generations of Espace were built around a liquid galvanised steel space frame clad with polymer body panels. Not necessarily the cheapest way, but impervious to dents and nearly impervious to rust. The fourth gen (like my glorious 2008) moved to a hybrid construction with a conventional steel monocoque, with movable body parts made from aluminium and bolt on parts such as bumpers and front fenders out of plastic. Always a good time kicking in the front wings with yo friends to see who can dent them in furthest. Which is also the currently most common method of body construction.

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Welp, didn’t know that. Thanks for enlightenment. Somehow Laguna II stuck in my mind as “that car made of aluminium and plastic” .

maybe there should be smth like Main Panel Material and Partial Panel Material


The GM dustbusters minivans were also built similarly. Galvanized chassis and polymer bodywork.

Incidentally both the Espace and Dustbuster’s construction were predated by lightweight, mid engined sports cars. The Talbot Matra Murena (1980) and Pontiac Fiero (1984).


I support this, specially the partial CF. Bring it!


In case you guys have not noticed, the list of panel materials is full as is. So which materials would you replace for these new options?

Fiberglass could technically be replaced by “plastic compound”, which includes fibreglass, but is more open from a lore point of view.

(P.s.: as a matter of fact, I hadn’t noticed.)

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Fibreglass is replaced by SMC once you get the SMC processing in the factory :slight_smile: it is the not-hand-made version of fibreglass. So that will be in the LCV3 most likely.


Scrollable Lists?
Please dont hit me


7 items per list :wink: we’re not making new UI for a single list :stuck_out_tongue:


With that many materials, it would really end up needing either a scrollable list or two lists, one of main and one of partial material choice like what Crossworks suggested. So… maybe too much effort, or “Treated Steel” Ends up short lived :wink:

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