New York International Auto Show [NYIAS] 2021


New York, New York - As one of the biggest cities in the world, it’s only natural the Big Apple holds one of the most anticipated, prominent and well-known auto shows of the year. Domestic or international, automakers know the well-deserved influential nature NYIAS has gained and as such, is one of the greatest events to unveil everything from city cars to luxury cruisers. The New York International Auto Show, holding the historic distinction of being the first automotive exhibition in the US of A, truly never disappoints.

Press days run from August 20th to August 29th. You must reveal your cars on or before the press days.


Teasers and Pre-show reveals are highly encouraged. As always, we welcome the world’s automotive press to join us in covering the event.

Our full schedule for the upcoming year can be found here.


do I need to sent the .car file to you or something else to show the cars here?

I’m still new in here so I don’t really know what to do

You don’t have to send it, just post pictures of your car.

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i see, thanks