Thanks to LS_Swapped_RX-7 for the idea of this challenge

The year is 2009.
After many years of drug dealing, you have ditched your riced out shitbox for a proper tuner car. However, due to there being federal agents currently outside your home from the IRS because of too many accounts of tax evasion, you now must use it to make a speedy escape.
Can you get a chance to evade even more taxes, or will it finally catch up to you this time?



This challenge will be run on 4.2

Infinite resubmissions will be accepted


  • Model/Family year: 1960-2009
  • Variant/Trim year: 2009
  • Sliders: no lower than -2
  • No full carbon fiber body panels (partial carbon and fiberglass is fine)
  • No carbon fiber monocoque
  • No pushrod suspension(these arent full on race cars)


  • Max displacement: 7000 cc NA, 3500 cc turbo
  • Cam/VVL profile: Unlimited NA, 80 turbo
  • Must have at least 1 muffler (any type)
  • No engine stress
  • Max Fuel Type: Super Unleaded (98 RON) without tuning


  • Adv. 00s Safety required
  • 2 front seats required
  • Minimum cooling airflow: 35
  • Max tire width: 325 mm
  • Cost limit: 75,000 AMU (Lower scores better)
  • Wing cheese will be binned


  • Aesthetics

    • Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement (15 pts)
    • Comparison to original car (if present) (8 pts)
    • Livery (if present) (5 pts)
    • Interior (if present) (3 pts)
  • Stats (in order of importance)

    • Sportiness Drivetrain & Performance (15 pts)
    • Top Speed (5 pts)
    • Drivability (3 pts)
    • Fuel Economy (2 pts)
    • Practicality (2 pts)

Naming convention: NFSC - Your forum name

Deadline is March 18th @ 6 PM PST

Submit to me via the forum DMs (no discord)


I was originally slated to host this round, but I was too skeptical of 4.2 in its current state (which I would have wanted it to be based on) to do so.

What exactly is that? I think it refers to placing a wing fixture and making every part of it transparent.

It’s a catchall for “excessive wings”/“unrealistic amounts of downforce”

So are we doing a normal car and then a modified one? Also how modified should it be? Does it need to be over the top fast and furious style or more subtle

You can do that if you want to, it will add extra points if you do, but it isn’t necessary - Think AGC21

And I would prefer F&F styling, (I should probably add more inspiration) but go ham with what you think looks good

A non-exhaustive list of wing cheese:

Making the entirety of a wing transparent.
Placing one wing inside another.
Shrinking a wing so small you can’t see it.
Placing a wing inside an otherwise invisible part of the car, such as the engine bay or trunk.
(These all count as “getting extra wings you can’t see to boost downforce”.)

Placing a wing several hundred meters away from the car, to get crazy downforce on the rear wheels and make your RWD car perform better (aka the 3D wing cheese).

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Generally, the thought is “if it doesn’t seem legit, it’ll probably be binned or points deducted”

Lots of wings can look really cool, but I must remind you that "lots of wings" ≠ 2000 lbs of downforce


oop fogor to upload demonstratory images
note my love of engineering-first racecars

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Submissions are open!

Reminder to triple check your submissions


1992 Sakura SilverVale (SV32) ATX GTR "2009 BQ SPORTS"


Does it hurt one’s score to not have one or more of these?

Also, are semi-slicks allowed?

By 2009 the underglow and large graphics wasn’t really a thing in the tuner scene. I feel like the inspirations don’t match the setting tbh

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guy who came up with this challenge here, i wasn’t sure if people would even need inspirations, so basically make whatever the hell you want


No, but having them will give you a (marginal) boost in score

also i would stick to sports compounds, however semi-slicks are not explicitly banned

Here’s my heavily tuned 2009 Kaze Sport 3.0 TTI, lovingly dubbed the Hon3ycomb. Can’t really go wrong with a hot hatch. :slight_smile:

I’ll add the stock version in the next couple of days.

Edit: stock version added.


Crownston Daytona GTR 'Crisscross'



The ‘Crisscross’ is the newset asset in High Speed Pursuit.
This Frankenstein of a Daytona was once a normal Interceptor of the RPD, but when Detective Criss opened up the HSU (High-Speed-Unit) he needed a ride to keep up with the ever so quicker criminals of today. Taking one of the orginal Daytona Highway police cars, this was fitted with an upgraded engine and a GTR bodykit to fit big enough wheels for the new power


I don’t remember asking for your help, Cream. What makes you think you can police Arlington without my approval?

It’s Criss. And this guy’s from outta town.

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Also, I got some questions:

  1. Is a full .car file necessary for the ‘original car comparison’, or just photos?
  2. Is it wing cheese if I have downforce provided from 2 game-detected wings (specifically a lip and a shape to cover a hole in that lip), but only one large one is visible?
  3. U-h-h-h-h, what if I was the kind of guy who just made his car solid color in NFSC?
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  1. No, but I highly recommend it. Retuning is also not necessary but I also highly recommend that.
  2. No, if it does not add stupid amounts of downforce as well.
  3. Livery points would not be added, but if your styling can make up for it, you’re good

Elaborating on 2: Is aero that ends up in mild rear downforce and a ‘zeroed’ front realistic for the purposes of this challenge?

yeah thats realistic i would say