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North American International Auto Show 2018

Press Days - Part 1

Detroit 2018 is in full swing, and a load of new cars have been revealed. And naturally, I’ve been running all over the exhibition hall trying to keep up. Oh the joys of journalism.

Hey look! The updated Enemigo is here! Conte have updated their popular sports coupe with a redesigned version of its 320hp i4 and some new, less powerful options too for those who don’t want to break the bank. More variants than ever before are also availible, and I’ve very keen to see the Wagon variant. This new iteration is a decent looking ride with large haunches covering the fat wheels and a chiseled face.

However, it has nothing on the new Fleming Drophead. Bonham’s luxury GT coupe has had a chop and now comes in Cabrio form. The usual engineering witchcraft that is associated with cabriolet versions of such cars has been undergone, meaning it shouldn’t be any different to drive than the standard car. And as I’ve already said, it’s still just as beautiful as before.

Kimura made and apperance with the new Devorak 7 seater SUV. Soon to be tailgating road users on a highway near you. It’s face is a bit odd, particularly with that grille, though the rear is far prettier. Specs wise, well it’s a Japanese SUV. The MPG is okay, the pricing is good and it comes with a range of options etc etc. Essentially, it’s your bog standard mum-mobile with that extra Japanese flair. Or something like that.

The new Montes Urban made its debut yesterday, taking on board styling cues from the generic angular design style found in a lot of cars these days. The more interesting stuff is found under the bonnet, with a seriously well packed engine range, including a massive 3.5l V6. No word on how front-heavy that’ll make this feel but they seem to have done plenty of work on the suspension too to combat this.

The EVE ‘Family’ have revealed the Willow, the company’s first production EV. The odd looking four-door coupe is aimed at luxury buyers, with a proper HUD and the equivalent of 400hp under the bonnet. It should be good for 250 miles according to their tests, which is decent, though I certainly don’t see myself shelling out what will undoubtedly be a high price tag for a mid-size sedan. Then again, I’m not exactly this car’s target demographic anyway.

So it turns out that the ‘Project 400’ was an Ecamobile project. It’s a 7.5l bi-turbo V12 that will hit the magic 400 kmh mark, though unlike some hypercars, this has a more luxurious focus. It’s a decent looking machine that’s for sure, and in some parts even looks rather understated. It’s only a prototype at the moment however, and so far they’re only “expecting” production to begin in mid-2019, which frankly could mean mid-2030 for all we know.

The new Holts H2 made it’s debut, with an acre of black plastic on its lips and the world’s skinniest rear lights and the back. The entry-level sports coupe is decently equipped, though the entry level “H2S” trim leaves more to be desired with a 0-60 of 6.8 seconds. I reckon that could be faster. The standard model is far more amicable for this part of the market; 0-60 in under 5 seconds, 242 hp to boot etc etc. Now all we need to find out is how well it delivers that…

Holy mother of mackerel, Monolith have achieved the impossible. They told us that VVL wouldn’t be appearing on their 2018MY S270 pickup, yet there it is on the 2.7l turbocharged i4. That’s ot the scary bit however; the scariets bit is that somehow, this barge is capable of 48 mpg - apparently. That’s a hell of a lot for truck, and I almost can’t believe it. But if it is the case? Well, Monolith might have just saved the pickup from death by MPG restrictions.

Updated Nodha Assent etc etc new face etc etc some new engines etc etc. What else do you expect? It’s an Assent, of course it’s going to be practical and reliable. It’s also being offered with its updated Hybrid system, now called TwinDrive, which will apparently reach up to 81 mpg. What else is there to say?

An “affordable” hypercar. Are you sure Zasteros? Isn’t that just going against the point of a hypercar? And sorry to bring you down a notch but does 555 hp really constitute hypercar territory? Supercar territory no doubt, and more to the point, it’s 555hp in an MR car for just $66.5k. That’s certainly decent, though what the hell are you doing with Electric Steering on a performance vehicle. I mean, if there’s just one thing I want from a sports car, it’s the dumb, numb feel of electric steering when I’m shoving it through some bends.

I need to make a correction here; the ‘E’ in ‘LEC’ doesn’t stand for ‘Electric’. Still though, the LEC-MTR certainly looks interesting, with it’s prong like headlights and dinky boot spoiler. It’s essentially an advance techno-engineering sports concept, with 400hp under the bonnet and some very clever electronic gizmos. As you’d expect, it’s very fast, and with all the wording focusing on ‘racing’, one can’t help but hope that some of this will translate onto Rennen’s race cars in the near future.

The new Zenshi GT is here! Celebrating its 50th birthday, the graceful Japanese coupe continues the tradition with good looks, nice engines and an awfully tempting pricetag. What else is there to say really? It undercuts the GT market once again with price and performs well. They say old-habits die hard, but in this case, I think it’s more along the lines of “old-habits don’t need to die”.

AL Autos revamped their range (again), though this time the looks are actually really darn good (in most cases). The Latissime SUV is an SUV, the Motus sporty mid-size sedan is a
sporty mid-size sedan, and the Cursor MR hypercar is an MR hypercar.

The six-exhaust Nakamura SI-7 was unveiled today, and it turns out to be a decent-if-bloated looking Sports Coupe. V6 and V10 engines available, the latter of which is very fast indeed, decent pricing and even a racing version too. My issue? It’s just not very interesting. Japan produces plenty of performance cars and plenty of performance coupes, and this one doesn’t really seem to offer enough - at least for me - to make it worth considering.

The DMA press conference was very unusual. They handed out a load of press packs, as you’d expect, but didn’t show any pictures of their cars. Nor even did they actually show the cars they were revealing. It wasn’t so much a reveal as it was an information booklet handout.

Shromet’s new Adirondack is here! It’s big! It’s got chrome! It’s silver! It’s a pickup! Hell yeah, I already feel the need to grab my 12 gauge and find a burger joint. At least that’s what I think pick-up drivers do.

Scagliati’s Concetto Corse concept car (bit of a toungue twister that, eh?) is a very red, very loud looking hybrid sports car. It’s face is squat - I don’t think the LaSerenissma-esque styling works here - and its rear is punchy, and it’s very very light for what it is. At 1500kg even with its hybrid equipment, it’s certainly quite the piece of weight-saving engineering. What’s that? How fast does it go? Not a clue. They haven’t told us.

That does it for part 1 of Detroit, there should be some more tomorrow with any luck. I’ll see you then…

- Gavin Anderson


Bonham stand at NAIAS 2018

11:00 am, Detroit, MI, USA

Arthur McKenzie, Bonham’s CEO enters the room and starts presenting the new Fleming Drophead.

We are very glad for the warm reception our preliminary images have been received with, despite us not sharing any performance data at all.

Without further ado, to the important bits. The Fleming Drophead will be offered in two engine configurations, the turbocharged 3.0 straight-six and the naturally aspirated 6.0 V12.

Convertibles usually come with penalties that spoil the driving and road comfort, related to the loss of rigidity and added strengthening required. Since the Fleming has been designed from the outset to be a convertible, the chassis didn’t need extensive alterations. That way, weight not only didn’t increase, as it actually went down by 8 kg on the straight-six model. The V12 is, by contrast, 8 kg heavier, due to improvements in the interior quality and sound insulation. Coupled with the advanced all-aluminium construction, there should be no difference between driving either the Fixed or Drophead models.

Fleming Drophead pre-orders can be made from now, and first deliveries will take place in Spring. Prices for the Drophead start at $93,870 for the straight-six and $115,920 for the V12.

After the obligatory press photos were taken, the press noticed the elephant in the room. One car was still under covers.
In true American form, Arthur came back to stage and announced.

We have one more thing to show to you this morning.

The 2019 Fleming Brooklands

Time for the Fleming to get the Brooklands treatment. As with all Brooklands models, the car has been transformed and everything has been turned to 11.

First and foremost, the V12 engine has been turbocharged. With that, power has been lifted from 644 hp to 907 hp, with 996 Nm of torque. Peak power comes at 8,200 rpm and the redline is set at 9,000 rpm.

To put all this power to the road, RWD wasn’t enough. Therefore an AWD system had to be installed. Default settings send 35% of the power to the front axle and 65% to the rear axle, however in extreme situations up to 90% of the power can be send to the rear or up to 50% to the front. The power shuffling is controlled by an E-Diff, fitted to the rear axle of the car, along with the 7-speed DCT gearbox.

Inside, luxury wasn’t forgotten, with the car now sporting a premium sport interior, all covered in Alcantara and a 10-speaker sound system by Bang and Olufsen.

The luxurious experience inside, coupled with the added weight of the drivetrain, meant that despite the all aluminium construction, the Fleming Brooklands weighs more than 2 tons, at 2,008 kg.

In spite of that, the performance numbers are staggering. 0-62 mph comes in just 2.5s and top speed is 225 mph.

Fleming Brooklands can be pre-ordered from now, deliveries starting in June. Prices start at $156,600.

More information and images for both the Fleming Drophead and Fleming Brooklands will soon be available on the Bonham page.


This is, quite simply, the most unhinged Bonham of them all, and the only one that can take the fight to actual hypercars. Thank god the normally aspirated V12 is still available, much to the delight of purists everywhere.

Do you ever read my press releases? First the non existent I3 and I4 of the Alpine (the I4 was from the outgoing model, the I3 was the planned powerplant until the weight of the car exploded), now the VVL debacle. At no point I’ve stated the impossibility of it ever appearing on the S-Type. I only stated my personal opinion about it.

2018 RCM Prairie

Since its 2015 release, the current generation RCM Prairie has been the best selling one yet. To continue on this success, RCM has thoroughly revised the Prairie for the 2018 model year. With new styling showcasing the next generation of RCM trucks, an updated interior featuring the newest technology for 2018, and some new fuel efficient engine choices, the 2018 RCM Prairie is like a whole new truck!

As the best selling midsize truck in Canada, the RCM Prairie is more than equipped for the American environment. Both on and off the road.

EXP 4x4 model shown in Lunar Silver. Suggested MSRP $34,580. Detailed specifications available soon.


Holts 700GTR

Visit Holts Motor Company For Stats and Specs


2018 Petoskey Stag Big Chief

It is clear that the Stag is not the only pickup truck to appear in the show. However, the Big Chief makes a return as the ultimate in towing capability.

Powered by a now direct injection 595 cubic inch V10, the Stag Big Chief retains it’s ability to haul that enormous camper or boat. Mated to the engine is a six-speed Allison transmission not only delivering solid torque, but holding up strong no matter what you’re pulling.

Everyone remembers the publicity stunt in the 90’s when a Stag Big Chief ripped a telephone pole out of the ground. Our recent endeavor was to haul down a hundred year old redwood tree.

Unfortunately that was met with controversy, but proved an effective demonstration of the Stag’s towing power. Come on down and test drive a Big Chief today.

Estimated MSRP: $41,000.00

Petoskey: Simple Budget, Exquisite Taste.


Baltazar Automóveis at NAIAS 2018

Baltazar is proud to bring a new model to the Quark range.

2019 Quark GT

After the sucessful introduction of the 2018 Quark, Baltazar is proud to present the faster, sportier GT trim level.
The chassis and powertrain have been extensively revised, with 14 mm lower ride height, stiffer springs, dampers and anti-roll bars. The tyres are Michelin Sport Cups, which along with the new 18" wheels, help the car feel more precise and agile. The GT is the only Quark model that comes equipped with a a 4-cylinder engine, here a 200 hp 1.7 litre turbocharged unit.

All models come with a mechanical limited slip differential and buyers can choose between a 6-speed manual gearbox and a 6-speed DCT.

First deliveries will take place in March in Europe and April in the USA, with other markets following afterwards.

Prices start at $19,880 for the manual, with the DCT transmission costing $1,110 extra.


For the first time, Zenshi will make the Nimessa Touring wagon available to the US2019MY Market!

Like the sedan, the Nimessa Touring will have a 175 HP 2.0L Naturally Aspirated I4, with a planned 250 HP 2.0L Turbocharged I4. Unlike the sedan, however, the Touring will have the option to have an all-wheel drive system, known as SM-AWS.

And on the other side of the Nimessa family…

The Nimessa Newman R returns for the US2019 model year, but now comes in two flavours: Type-S, and Type-M.

The Type-S is the main Newman R like before, but the new Type-M gives the Nimessa Newman R a more “premiumized” look with a rear lip spoiler and deep-black coated wheels. The seats are given the leather treatment and are powered from the front row, with a memory feature for the driver’s side. Collision avoidance sensors come standard as well.

For this year, a new colour has been added to the list: Meteor Steel Pearl, which is available in both versions. Exterior-wise, the ground effects have been slightly reworked to improve airflow a slight bit, and vortex generators are now mounted on the roof. The most significant difference between the 2018 Newman R and the 2019 version is the brakes: The carbon ceramic brakes are now an option as part of the “Track Package Plus.” Instead, vented disc brakes take their place, resulting in less maintenance costs.

Many qualities and items regarding the Newman R have been adjusted to ensure for a satisfying drive and impression.

Expect the Nimessa Touring mid-February, and the upcoming Newman R twins to hit the showroom floors mid 2018.


Olympus Motor Group Omega Platform: Olympus Sagittarius/Orion Cerberus

I was thinking more like a cross between a Lexus LFA and Mercedes S55-AMG, with a little dodge Viper mixed in, but anyway… besides, I thought we were just doing teasers until the actual show started.

Sagittarus combines power with class; featuring a 5.0 liter, naturally aspirated V-10, and 7 speed double clutch transmission. 675 horses propel this luxuriously appointed chassis from 0-60 in 4.0 seconds. The interior features the most advanced infotainment and latest in custom controls.

Retailing from $75,000, the Sagittarius will feature an all electric model by 2020.

Cerberus on the other hand, cares not for class, but instead for raw power. Built lighter than its upmarket cousin, Cerberus features carbon fiber body panels and wheels. A turbo charged version of the 5.0 liter V-10, pushing 950 horses,paired with a more aggressively geared version of the 7 speed transmission, rocket this car to 60 mph in just 3 seconds (a whole second faster), and a top speed of 255 mph. Starting at only $30,000, there is no limit to the customization. An electric model is planned, but no date has been determined.

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Zasteros Finheit 2018

Yes, you have noticed that there some MINOR changes to the car (rims & headlights arrangement) but the small changes have added to a more beautiful car.

The Zasteros Finheit, already shown in production form, will be on sale in Late Februrary 2018 in a 3,000 car production Run.

It is a Grand Tourer with performance and luxury up to boot


The perfomance is given by 5.1L "TT10.52" Twin-Turbo V10 Direct Injected that gives out 600 hp @ 6900 RPM and 800 Nm @ 3600 RPM, redlining at 8000 RPM.

With the TT10.52 Engine on a Aluminium Chassis, Carbon Fibre Body will compensate for the heaviness of the equipments on the car and giving a fuel mileage of 42.2 MPG (UK)


Now, this is where the fun begins! Getting inside, You will find yourself with a lot of gizmos to play with, mainly attracting to the “InfoTouch” System in the center. It is 2+2 Layout, so you can bring alot some friends of yours to join the tour around the world.

The car is moved 6 - Speed Sequential using Paddle Shifters in the Steering. Hydraulic Steering , TC + ABS , Airbags,Blind Spot Detection,Rear View Camera, and All the standard Safety Systems are standard in the Finheit.

Zasteros Finheit MY2018

First Production Day : Late Febuary 2018

Price: $42000


ACA Chevalier 2

For 50 years, the Chevalier has been one of the most iconic muscle cars ever to be produced. From the original 1968 Chevalier featuring in the action movie “The Vice” to the fearsome IMSA GTO 1996 Chevalier with its large 10L V10 engine, the Chevalier has made a name for itself as the “Original American Muscle”

So to celebrate its 50th birthday, our ACA racing division, Oval American Motorsports, decided to make a custom tune of out new Chevalier 2.

This custom OAM Tuned Chevalier 2 retains the same V10 as the standard Chevalier 2. However, the supercharger fitted to the standard model has been replaced with twin turbo chargers, allowing the 10L V10 to produce a whopping 1000hp. All this power of course is sent through a 7 speed DCT and an electronically controlled limited slip differential straight to the rear wheels.

Inside, all the unnecessary equipment has been removed or replaced. So no heated seats, and the standard infotainment has been replaced with a more basic version. The seats have also been replaced with Recaro bucket seats.

Only a limited number of these custom OAM tuned Chevaliers will be produced and will be sold for $84,800 in the US only.


It looks too outdated

It seems that a lot of companies are going hypercar crazy at the moment, what with all those turbo-nutter front-engined monsters being shown recently. In particular, I would like to see the OAM Chevalier 2 go wheel-to-wheel with the Fleming Brooklands on road and track. Both of them are so unhinged that only a fool would even consider driving them without adequate training!

The sport department of Deverre come back this year with the popular Fusion GTS (Grand Tourisme Sport), for the 1st time in the model history in North America.
The US version will have a sedan version only, Hatchback for Japan and both for Europe.

Intended for a public in search of thrills cheap, who wants a daily usable car, the Fusion GTS does not do more than 5.11 sec to go from 0 to 62mph, with a Vmax of 175 mph.

If the rear spoiler is too much for you, it’s not for the 363 hp and 372 Nm in the front wheels of this High speed car for dad in a hurry.
And all of this for 1.474 KG

Equiped with a 6 speeds manual Gearbox, you can shift gears until 8600 RPM, and enjoy the great sound of this sport car made with our 61 years of experience in motorsport and rally.

So, do not miss its release during the year 2018 !



Press Days - Part 2

It’s the last of the press days at Detroit, and the final day before the public get to wander around the halls and see what’s been revealed. In the mean time, there’s been some more announcements…

The new Bonham Fleming got its debut, and was followed up with a special version of the car. It’s been given the Brooklands treatment, courtesy of two wopping great turbos that manage to throw out 907 hp from its V12 engine, with a redline at 9000rpm. That’s darn impressive, and one can’t help but imagine what a sonorous noise it must make. And with a 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds, it’s also mighty quick. Two big thumbs up from S.A.C. for sure.

The new look RCM Prairie really is a looker. The facelift has done it well for sure, and its handsome new front end certainly gives the Adirondack some competition. More specs coming soon apparently, not that that matters, as I’ll still have no idea about how to judge a truck anyway.

Hot damn Holts, where the hell did this come from?. The 700GTR is striking, that’s for sure, and wonderfully aggresive. It’s turbocharged 3.5l V10 harks back to the engines of the late Group C era, while the styling is pure bedroom wall poster excellence. Who cares if its a nightmare to drive, this thing can happily get by on looks alone as far as I’m concerned.

Petoskey’s new Stag joins the brewing truck competition at NAIAS 2018. It can’t match the RCM, Monolith or Shromet for looks however, but the addition of direct injection on its infamous V10 engine is a nicve touch. You can believe them when they say it’ll deliver “solid torque”. Shame it doesn’t feel quite as 2018 as the others.

Baltazar gave us the new, sporty Quark GT. It’s more aggresive than some of its sporty supermini rivals, and with 200 hp to boot, it should be nippy too. Options include a DCT, which will certainly be useful for bragging about this car with your mates.

Zenshi introduced some more trims to the now very extensive Nimessa line, including a handsome Touring model which will be available with AWD. Significant updates have also been made to the Newman R, with the 2019 model splitting into two trims - the more traditional Type S and the more comfortable Type M - and a load of changes being made underneath, including removing the carbon ceramic brakes and making them options. We can expect (possibly) a test drive later on in the year.

Olympus fully unveiled the Sagittairous and Orion Ceberus performance cars, with details suggesting that the Sagittarius is a more rounded package - luxury options are mentioned - powered by a 5.0l V10 that produces a very satisfying 675 hp. I’m still not convinced by the looks at all, and it certainly doesn’t look luxurious from the outside even if it is gold. The Cerberus is apparently a 255 mph car that costs just $30k. How that’s a possible, I do not know, and considering it only has a big rear wing to keep you stable at that speed, it seems to be not so much a car that can do 255 but rather the only car you’ll ever do 255 mph before you crash in horrific fireball.

Zasteros fully released the Finheit GT Coupe, and at just $42k, it seems Zenshi have some competition on the affordability front against their GT. 600hp turbo chartged V10, 2+2 layout and lots of luxury features certainly make this seem like your standard GT coupe, though why they’re not charging more for it is unusual. Sales begin in Springtime, and I’d certainly be interested in driving it.

Celebrating 50 years of the Chevalier, OAM have given us a wonderful birthday present. A 1000 hp, weight-reduced, aero-packed specially tuned version, developed by the company’s ACA racing division. Strangely enough, it’s not that much more aggressive styling wise that the standard car. No words on whether not it’ll be able to go around a corner, but it’s American anyway. I wouldn’t expect it to do anything of the sort.

Deverre closed the show by introducing the new Fusion GTS to the US. Following the usual trend of ‘blue = performance’, the aggressive looking sports hatch is competitive against the current crop of hot hatches, even if the looks are quite divisive. I’m not decided on it, though they have lent me one to drive, a review of which will be coming soon.

In the mean time, I’ve been for a test drive in the new look Montes Urban…

Review: 2018 Montes Urban 2.0 Luxury 170

“One car to rule them all. No, seriously, this is the only car you’re allowed to have, and it has to have everything”

That does it for my coverage of Detroit 2018. We’ll have to wait until voting to see who wins the battle of the trucks and the battle of the GTs, which for me were the real competitions going on at the show. In the meantime, I’m off to find a bar…
- Gavin Anderson

OOC: @Awildgermanappears My bad, I just inferred it from the original advert. I thought it implied that you wouldn’t be introducing it and then you did, hence what I wrote. My apologies.


NOPE! Nope, nope, nope!

I feel like I actually have to stand in defense of Automationverse premium brands - as, AFAIK, Montes is meant to be one of them, IMO it should not be compared to likes of Baltazar, Adenine or Maesima as a direct competition, but rather Bonham, Pearlite (I’m not sure if it still can be considered existing) and Sachiuri - even with compact models. In the end IRL Merc A-class, BMW 1 and Audi A3 are usually considered a slightly different group than Golf, Auris and Civic. US Audi A3 sedan starts at 31 950 $, S3 is 43 650 $ and RS3 is 54 900 $ - and I think that MRP’s performance might actually be closer to the latter. So no, forget about it as a family hatchback, especially forget it being the first car for a family. Remember that it is a premium compact hatch. Therefore I don’t see anything really wrong with it’s price and level of equipment.

And a little note about the Berlose, as it was mentioned - if it costs about that, then it seems it is just a sleek and elegant, yet not very premium big sedan. US Toyota Avalon starts at 33 500 $, and would you consider that premium?


@szafirowy01 Fair, that’s my mistake for seeing Montes in the wrong way. And, with regards to the Berlose, that’s based on UK pricing too which isn’t comparable to US pricing. In that regard then, I took the wrong perspective with the review.

My point about 98 Ron fuel still stands though.


It does, as many others - I don’t mean to defend this exact car :wink:



Thank you for participating in the 2018 North American International Auto Show. We hope to see you at the next event.

Please do not unveil any more cars after this point. You may offer opinions and otherwise.