Offroad driving aids

Hi Chaps, firstly may I take the opportunity to congratulate the team for the success of the latest open beta. I would like to make a suggestion for inclusion in the game: would it be possible to include a low-ratio gearbox option for AWD transmission? I am not sure how you would go about this within the current gearing setup in the game but as an alternative, for post 2000 vehicles at least, would be to include options for “Terrain Response System” and “Hill Descent Control” within the driving aids selection for builds with AWD transmission.

Looking forward to future developments.

oh we had a really long discussion about this a long time ago… but i believe, that in the end it was between inconclusive and not gonna happen :smiley:

An additional “proper” 4x4 setup is planed in the future, with a very early unlock date.

As for the assists, they could be interesting, and assists don’t require a ton of work in terms of adding them to the game. Balancing them though is a bit more complicated, but if they bring something to the game it can be worth it.

In my experience things like terrain response systems, and hill decent control makes it easier, but does not actually improve the off road capabilities.

Well ABS doesn’t make brake distance shorter either but makes it easier to accomplish.