Offroad/SUV thread

We have threads for lots of car types now but i haven’t seen one for off road vehicles. So i have decided to make one… Open for anything really, suv, cross over, pickups and hardcore off road builds


Knightwick Adventure

Launched in 1989 as a lifestyle sport utility vehicle by Knightwick motors

The Adventure is a body on frame suv with coil sprung live axles front and rear for a comfortable ride but also maximum off road capabilities.

Power comes from the venerable Knightwick V8 engine, a 3531cc all aluminium engine with ohv. In this original adventure is produces 176bhp@5500rpm and 278nm@2900rpm. Drive is from a 4 speed automatic gearbox with locking differentials for when the road ends and the fun begins.

The Adventure was launched with an upmarket interior for it’s class with air conditioning and electric windows all round.

Car can be downloaded here: i have decided that since all my cars will be useless after the 4.2 update i will put them for download if anyone wants them. Could always be useful in beam i guess.

Knightwick_Adventure-_1989 .car (116.1 KB)


1996 MAD Ouray II

A true old-school SUV powered by a huge V8 in an equally huge body, with a curb weight to match. Admittedly not for everyone due to its immense size and thirst, but for those who can afford it, there are few better ways to travel in comfort off-road thanks to its stout construction and 4x4 drivetrain.

This SUV was also featured in a recent comparison test - you can read about it here. For the final verdict on this behemoth, click here.