Olsson Personvagnar AB

OLSSON Personvagnar AB

Olsson Personvagnar AB is a Swedish car company inspired by Saab, Volvo and a little bit of Koenigsegg in the design (for a supercar, if I made a serious one someday).

I’ll try to focus on reliability and security, and handling.

Naming system

For the models since the 70-80s have this naming system:

1XXX: B-Segment
2XXX: C-Segment
3XXX: Coupé/sports
4XXX: D-Segment

Example of naming schemes: 2250, 2 means it’s a C-Segment, 25 the engine size of 2.5L, and 0 it’s a Sedan.

The last number mean respectively:
0 is sedan
3 is hatch
5 is wagon

I’ll make exeption to the naming convention of the company for the super/hypercars and some concepts.

Orkan is the performance trim of the company, they are badged with this special badge: image


I’m going too much into Volvo, I’ll rework the global design of the company but I’ll keep some volvo things and try to find a more personnal and original way to design :slight_smile:


By “big boy” I think you meant “full-size/E-segment car”.

Correction: it should be 1988-1994.

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After a few days of work, it ended up on a more interesting design imo:


I recently worked on some models of the company.
I added a performance pole named ORKAN (hurricane in Swedish), I’ll fully rework the thread in the following days to present you the company :blush:

Here’s some teasing :eyes:


Hey, I had some trouble with mods these days so I have to fix a lot of cars.
The 1st I fixed is the model I’ll present you now, the brown one up here isn’t fixed yet!

2000-2008 OLSSON 4xxx series

The 2000-2008 OLSSON 4xxx series is the mid-size model of the company of this era. The model had a facelift in 2004.
There are 5 trims:

  • Squall, low end - 2.0L i4 Turbo 150hp - Tissue interior and standard CD player - TC + ABS - FWD
  • Uppsjö, midrange - 2.0L i4 Turbo 150hp and 2.2L i4 Turbo 180hp - Leather Interior and standard CD - TC + ABS - FDW and AWD
  • Tyfon, high end - 2.2L i4 Turbo 180hp and 2.8L V6 Turbo 236hp - Leather interior and premium CD player - ESC - Adaptative dampers and semi active sway bars - AWD and FWD
  • X-Road, allroad - 2.2L i4 Turbo 180hp and 2.8L V6 Turbo 230hp (236hp after 2004) - Leather interior and premium CD player - ESC - Adaptative dampers and offroad sway bars - AWD
  • Orkan, performance - Only available with the 2.6L i5 Turbo 320hp - Leather Interior and premium CD player - ESC - Semi active dampers and sway bars - AWD
    Every 4xxx series are available in station wagon, the X-Road is only available in station wagon.

Example models

'00 OLSSON 4200 Squall

'00 OLSSON 4225 Uppsjö

'04 OLSSON 4280 Tyfon

'00 OLSSON 4285 X-Road

'04 OLSSON 4260 Orkan

The next one will probably be a hypercar :eyes:

1969-1978 OLSSON SPORT

In 1969, at the Geneva International Motor Show, Olsson cars presented their very first mid engined sportscar, they modestly called it the “sport” followed by the amount of horsepower of the model: 100 for the Flat 4, and 190 for the V6.
The Sport was made out of aluminium panels and had magnesium wheels on the V6 version.


A very late facelift have been made, in 1976. The Sports department: Orkan
The 1st Olsson Orkan was the Sport Orkan, who was a limited edition (250 models) with a V8 directly taken from the competition.

1969-1976 Sport 100
The base model, with a 1.8L Flat 4 with twin carbs that produce 100 horsepower, and weights 974kg.


1969-1976 Sport 190
The Sport 190 has a 2.8L V6 of… 190hp! fully made out of aluminium and weights 990kg.


1976-1978 Sport 100 and 190
The facelift of the sport 100 had the same F4 engine, but enhanced, with an improved fuel eco. As the Facelift of the Sport 100, the 190 has the same V6 but a bit more efficient.
The following pics are the Sport 100

1976-1978 Sport Orkan
And now, the very first Orkan badged of the company. The car was in limited production because it was made for the competition approval. Due to this, the car was very expensive to buy, and maintain.
The small V8 of 2.8L produced 250HP, just detuned a little for the fuel available in the market and make “driveable” everyday. It’s today one of the most coveted Olsson by collectors.

The Sport facelift also changed the pop up headlight for hidden ones


Moar pics

2020 OLSSON Vind Hybrid Vision Gran Turismo

The OLSSON Vind Hybrid Vision GT is the ultimate Hypercar OLSSON designed like hypercar made for the track. This is the ultimate OLSSON, fast as the wind.

This concept is a desmonstration of our expertise in aero dynamics, turbos and hybrid technology and in design.
Every OLSSON are made with one philosophy: efficiency.

The Vind is perfectly balanced, light, and fast. It’s fully made out of carbon, and has a V10, the fusion of 2 of what we master: the Inline 5 Cylinders.
With the hybridation the car has 1500hp spread the 4 wheels

The Vind Hybrid is exclusively made for Gran Turismo by OLSSON Futur Designs that propels the player into a virtual wold of insane speed.


Which year was Olsson founded?

I don’t know yet, I haven’t made the 1st model

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