Omota Motor Corporation

Omota Motor Corporation is a American automobile manufacturer headquartered in Detroit, Michigan and founded in 1899 by Jeffreson A. Omota.

2023 Lineup, NA models only

Omota’s Wide lineup is how they keep up on sales,
with many different styles, Subcompact to Full-Size,
Cheap to Luxury, and having oddities such as a wagon
is the reason Omota can keep it’s reputation as a
Great choice.


Forista - Subcompact Sedan
Varyo - Compact Sedan
Astonish - Compact Sedan
Lime - Mid-Size Sedan
Cosmos- Mid-Size Sedan
Trimmer - Flagship Mid-Size
Charish - Luxury Full-Size


Altera - Subcompact Hatchback
VS5 - Subcompact Hatchback
VS9 - Compact Hatchback
Pine - Compact Hatchback


Storia - Mid-Size Wagon
VS8 - Mid-Size Wagon
Nexoria - Large wagon


Crescent - Mini MPV
Grand Transvan - Mid-Size Minivan
HollowQ - Large Minivan


Next - Subcompact Crossover
Forest - Compact Crossover
VS11 - Mid-Size Crossover
VS12 - Large Crossover


Zip - Mini SUV
Tavaro - Small SUV/ Compact Crossover
Excelle - Large SUV, 2 Row
Courier - Large SUV, - 3 Row

Pickup Trucks, Vans, Commercial

Coppercage - Mid-Size Ute
Naxaro - Mid-Size Pickup
Ironcage - Full-Size Pickup

Traza - Large Van
Coral - Large Van
Sixties - Modernized 60’s Passenger van


any picture?

Im in the works to get some cars uploaded, soon though.

2023 Omota Tavaro

The All New Omota Tavaro features a sleek design you dont want to take your eyes off of.

The new Tavrao can meet all of your Needs, In 11 Colors, 4 Trims, and 6 engine options, you can Build & Price without worrying about the price.

*Trims are W.I.P


CARZIP Apr 29:

Pictures reveal what to be a updated 2024 Omota VS8 wagon with a toned down SilverLux Style and new improvements.

Spotted a few days ago was what seems to be the Omota VS8 in light camouflage to hide the new design. After 4 years since 2019, Omota seems to have a new look for the adventurous wagon, but will it be sold outside of the North American shores? The current markets the VS8 are sold in are, The U.S, Canada, Mexico, and Chile. The High demand for the wagon in Chile is enough to sell it there. Omota also has been testing out a new Generation Forest, expected to release summer 2023. Omota’s website “Future” category shows the black figure of the SUV and the new lights, but not the front.

As for the VS8, it is unknown it’s release date, as Omota has just began testing the new VS8 a couple months ago, we expect it to be hitting dealerships atleast by Summer or Fall 2023

The 2024 VS8, the camo isn’t hiding much, spotted in West Coast

The current model


The spy photos of the model are very original, I can see them in a car magazine. Good job!

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First impressions suggest the next VS8 being generally better-looking than the current car.

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I agree, the new pictures actually look better than the current model

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I love the fascias, they have big shocked eyes :eyes:

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All New Omota Forest revealed- May 5, 2023

Today at 8:17 AM Omota Announced a all new Omota Forest Generation. We’ve known about the new generation Forest for some time, at first speculating it was the European Foldex testing in the U.S due to it’s similar shape.

The All new Forest features a slightly altered SilverLux design seen also on the Upcoming VS8 facelift. The previous generation will end production on May 16th, to make way for the new 2023 Forest.

The new 2023 Forest

Previous Generation (Subject to change, this is a older 4.24 car and will be updated soon)


Great model, aggressive and with personality. Will it arrive in Europe and with what engines?

Yes, It will Arrive in Europe, It slots between the Subcompact Next & Foldex crossovers and the VS11 Crossovers. Engines range from a 2.5 Liter I5 Etec AZ1 standard on the S model. A Etec AZ2 2.8 Liter I6 Standard on the SE & GX trims, a 3.0 Liter V6, and a 3.7 Liter I5 Turbocharged.

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The All New Omota Forista

The New Forista has been announced and is said to start production soon. Information is scarce for now.