Stretch (Defunct), "Flexibility in mind" -W.I.P-

Stretch is a defunct division of Omota Motor Corporation that lasted from 1982 to 2011. The brand focused on making cheap cars, slightly more rugged styling, and sporty hints on the everyday car.

-History on when I made it-

I created stretch back in 4.24, which was original going to be the “Omota Stretch” Minivan, back when I was horrible at designing. I changed it over to the “Stretch Accelerate
after some time, and then stretch existed. It kind of sat around for some time and I rarely would make cars for the brand, only once in awhile. I chose to return and continue after some time. Its mostly based off of Saturn, and GM. But Nissan, and Honda are a inspiration to.



Stretch Dotter

5-Door Hatchback
4-Door Sedan (2nd Gen)
4-Door Wagon

Stretch Lilac

5-Door Hatchback


Stretch Accelerate

4-Door Minivan

Stretch Ambassador

3-Door Coupe
4-Door Sedan

Stretch CS-Series

Alternative naming system
for a compact line of Stretch

Stretch Luminate/CS1

4-Door Sedan