Online aesthetics judging

In order to bring the human factor in the overall score of a car, it’d be interesting to make a system that allows the players to judge the creations of others. It could show the model and some general information and the person gives a percentage. At the same time it helps to find inspirations.

Then the score is used to define how the car is liked by the public.

Hope my english is ok

Well, on the upcoming AutomationHub (link in my signature), you will be able to rate other’s cars, and in turn have your cars (and engines) rated.

Have a score is good but is it going to affect the success of a car in the tycoon aspect of the gameplay. So that your ‘‘public opinion score’’ will make more sales in one year, And give you more rewards.

Visually stunning car competition LOTS OF NEW SUBMISSIONS sounds like it is right up your alley until Automation Hub is up and running.

The devs have already made it pretty clear they don’t want subjective viewpoints (aesthetics) entered into the sales equation of the Tycoon mode.

I can understand why you want to avoid using an uncertain variable. Probably because it could easily be corrupted by too many different opinions. What is sad is that this is a good percentage of success factors for a real car company. I know that automation is a very technical game, which I appreciated very much. But more human factors of success (hazardous and nebulous) could bring a more real and organic aspect to the games. I guess this could also cause frustration.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to everyone like that.

I agree that IRL the look of a car is a big factor and no-one has really ever devised an automated way of determine what good aesthetics are, and to be fair peoples opinion differ greatly. I’ve said it before but I personally think anyone who buys a Nissan Juke is blind.

The online voting of a car in campaign game play is probably unworkable for a number of reasons
1 - does the player then have to wait for a minimum number of votes before they can sell the car? what happens if they aren’t reached?
2 - The car’s real world Life span may only be a couple hours, not enough time for a balanced sample IMO
3 - It puts a dependence/commitment on others to participate, essentially making the game multiplayer only, If I recall one of the many criticisms levelled at Simcity2013

As others have said Community challenges and the Automation Hub are the way to go to get another human’s opinion on your car.

I don’t know how the multiplayer tycoon is going to be, if real time or turn based. Maybe a bit of both, where you have a real-time and at the end of the month you vote for car looks of the cars submitted that moth and earlier months, where the time keeps rolling but since you are just waiting for your cars to sell you can spend you time off-line or voting on the cars. Something like facebook(the original facebook) where you put 2 cars side by side and choose one, and repeat over and over for as much time has you want(with bonus being given to you for voting, idk, a bunos to you factory eficiency or something, with a max limit of bonus of course). Cars they get a direct score against other car and then based on the votes the cars suffer an increase or a decrease in sales.

But I totally agree. Also a brand voting aswell, because even though some players don’t particularly make pretty cars but they do make good brand identities and that should be praised.