Open hoods?

Badly worded title, lemme try something else.

I’ve heard people asking about hoods made of Plexiglas and plastic, but I was curious about other stuff. I’ve noticed on the Falcon body, you can make an engine big enough to pop out of the hood, and it makes for a great visual, are there plans to make that a more intentional feature? Maybe set how deep and how far back the engine sits? I know the option for blowers will never come because that not practical for a car company to do such a silly thing. But I think it would be a great idea for muscle cars and hyper-cars to have the ability to have parts of the engine exposed and have it be calculated into the cooling figures.

Like a shaker hood scoop? Why is that better than the one we have?

With the exception of ancient abarth 500’s most engines are covered. Some are viewable through glass but its such a tiny percent that I don’t see it being worth while. I like the idea of shaker hoods and exposed air filters but I’m okay without.

Breather headlights… :smiley: