Paris Motor Show 2016 [Automation Edition]

Between the 1Th October and 16Th October, one of the most prestigious motor shows in the world it will expose the latest production cars, or concepts.

Expose here your latest production models or concepts!

Let’s go!


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guess i’ll have to give something to show then

Montes Urban (MY2017 restyling).

Today, I will show the new restyled Montes Urban, one of the most succesful selling, sportive and reliable hatchbacks on the market.

The new Urban, apart of a new front and rear-end, it comes with new or improved engines, better balance between comfort and sportiness, and 2 new variants: Hybrid Turbo, and CS.

Here a little summary about the variants:

*Note: all variants, except the CS, and the Turbo hybrid, are available both as 3 and 5 doors.

-CS (Classic Sport): it takes off the unnecesary things to enjoy the ride, discrete aspect (to be a factory sleeper lol), like the 80s and mid-90s hatchbacks. It comes with 2.0 and 1.8 engines, both NA, and high-revving. Forget touch screens and Bluetooth. This is a mix of sensations, high-revving, and low weight… This is a true budget hot hatch car. RWD and manual only.

  • 1.8 CS: 1.8 4-cylinder NA engine, with 221Hp@8700 RPM.

  • 2.0 CS: 2.0 NA 4-cylinder with 259HP @8300RPM.

-MRP (Montes Racing Performance): the top-level Urban level, and the fastest hot-hatch in the market. It comes with powerful 3.2 NA v6 with 394 HP, featuring new racing exhaust headers, and better low and mid-end. RWD only, but you can choose between the 6-speed manual gearbox, or a MDC (Montes Dual Clutch) gearbox with 7 gears.

  • 3.2 MRP:

-RS: Is a standard hot hatchback, like the GTIs, featuring a 2.0 low-lag turbo engine with 232HP, and available both RWD or AWD. 6-speed manual or MDC 7-speed gearbox available.

  • RS-X: 2.0T 232HP@7600RPM, Only AWD. A rallycar :slight_smile:

  • RS: The same as the RS-X, but only RWD.

-Standard versions: Here a list with the rest of the models:

  • 2.0 DiSi NA 150HP.

  • 2.0 DiSi NA 170HP.

  • 2.2D (yes, a petrol engine with the same fuel consumption and torque as a Diesel engine). 182HP and 293Nm.

  • Hybrid Turbo 2.0: sportive, and not hybrid! Only with 5-door.

  • 1.5DSE: 3 cylinder 1.5 engine.

And here photos:



-Standard versions:

*And here, the S-Front (it changes the front bumper):


That front end design reminds me of modern kias


Watch out @Starfish94 Auxuras @DeusExMackia Erin @porsche9999 Cervus


Oh f… On one side, WHY CAN’T I GIVE 5 LIKES?! On the other, I feel that Zavir is now veeeery endangered…

BTW, hasn’t Cervus thread died a long ago?

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Sadly, I think so. Maybe Cervus will come back?

Is it a good thing that Maesima new luxury division looks just like Maesima ?



I am curious to see your approach towards luxury cars! Hopefully your new brand doesn’t have the same image problems in Europe that other luxury divisions of Asian car manufacturers have, e.g Infiniti.

Cervus didn’t survive the change from the old forum to Discourse, I guess. So yes, the thread is dead but I am certainly not!:wink:

I don’t think that I will revive the thread again. Most likely I will start a new company. However don’t expect much before May or June next year.
At the moment I haven’t enough time and thus would not be able to deliver the quality products you expect from me.:disappointed:

@Rk38 @Starfish94 I really enjoy the battle between Maesima and Saminda! Can’t wait to see what is comming next!:grin:


@Rk38 @Starfish94 FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!! :smiling_imp:



Erin will be showcasing the cars they have released this year, plus some developments from the ErinSport workshop.


2016 is a big year for Dimension, with a complete line up refresh and the debut of the legendary Entropy hypercar.

Models displayed:

  1. 2016 Rift (GRA82)

Our compact gets a complete refresh and is produced exclusively as a 5 door hatchback, hoping to convince some crossover buyers into buying a more economical and smaller machine while being just as practical.

.2. 2016 Nova (ZEL35)

Exotic and Affordable aren’t mutually exclusive.

.3. 2016 Hadron (BTZ72)

True American Luxury

.4. 2016 Entropy Izanami (ZON42)

Initially launched with a V6 engine, a V12 motor and suspension adjustments turned this run off the mill hypercar into a machine that could shred track prototypes while remaining fully street legal.

.5. 2016 Tau 31GT (BTR82)

The quintessential sports car.

.6. 2015 Paradox 6 XY (CZO62)

The final send-off to our legendary sports car.

Be sure to catch Dimension at the Paris motorshow!


After seeing what Hypera and Dimension had been up to, Cavallera couldn’t resist joining in the fun.


#Saminda make a spotlight introducing the Type R Prototype 1 in Paris Motor Show 2016 with new Diamond Blue.

The Type R Prototype 1 which was first seen on Geneva Auto Show now make it way to Paris Motor Show with new colour.

## Maesima's luxury marque breaks cover at Paris Auto Show 2016 ____

Maesima will officially launch its all-new luxury marque Sachiuri at the Paris Auto Show 2016. Ahead of official unveiling, Maesima has released an image of its new entry level offering.

The Sachiuri sL200 (shown above) is elegantly designed and technology packed. It is set to challenge the segment leaders with new levels of quality, performance, economy and outstanding style and presence.

An entry level compact sedan and larger midsize sedan have been confirmed for this new marque both possessing rear-wheel drive setup. These vehicles will share engine technology with Maesima. A single compact sedan lineup is coming called the sL200 will bring the fight to cut highly competitive premium segment.

Maesima has created the Sachiuri brand for a new generation of discerning consumers. Capitalising on its success in the fast-growing global car market, Maesima will launch ten new Sachiuri models by 2020. The whole lineup is expected to include a range of SUVs and possibly a high-performance sports car as a halo for the brand.

The brand will launch in Anikatia, United States, Canada, China and the Middle East. Then expansion into Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea.


Ooh. Ooh ooh oooh! I like the sound of this (and the look of it too).

Just remember, Erin owns this bit of the market in the UK, so be careful how far you go in Europe :wink:



The only word I could describe it with.
Auxuras, Erin and Zavir now have a REALLY serious competitor. Is it RWD though?