[PDC] Political Design Challenge Round 13: Road to El Dorado (closed)

Colombia April 19th, 1962
A man in a tattered leather jacket and brown fedora walks into an office in a University where a group of professors and government officials are waiting. “So, what have you gathered us here for today? We all have rather busy schedules that you are keeping us from, you know,” says a fat man in a suit. “You’ve heard of the lost city of El Dorado, correct?” “Bah, they are just rumors.” The man reaches into his satchel and produces a golden figurine and passes it to the group. “No, I don’t think so.This was given to me by a tribesman who lives deep in the Amazon. He told me it came from an ancient city next to a enclosed lake. Even if it’s not the lost city of gold, such a find would help expand our knowledge of the Muisca cultures who once lived there. This would also be a good chance to better study the flora and fauna, as well as mapping the landscape, of this region.”
After a few minutes of discussion among the group, the fat man turns to fedora man, “I see. And what are you looking to get from us?” “Well, I’m going to need equipment for my research team. We are going to need a fleet of vehicles to help transport us through the jungle, to bring us to the site and possibly brings artifacts back?”
“OK,” says the fat man, “But there will be some rules…”


-Engine and trim year should be 1962 or earlier
-max wheelbase 3 meters
-max engine ET 90
-max trim ET 75
-regular leaded fuel (92 RON) only
-must have at least one muffler
-must have at least four seats (full seats, not +2/+3)
-cross ply tires only
-total cost less than $20,000 (as seen on markets tab)


Higher priority:
-Offroad score (in stats, not market) It should go without saying that these vehicles are going to spend nearly all there time crawling through the jungle, so a high score is best.
-Reliability The research group will be spending a fair amount of time in remote locations, so a truck that can stay running is necessary

Medium priority:
-Fuel economy The team only have so much space to haul extra fuel, so a more efficient vehicle would be preferred.
-Cargo space Being able to carry more gear is beneficial.
-Environmental resistance These cars are going to be traveling through some harsh climates for possibly several years. Having something that can last would be nice.

Low Priority:
-Comfort They will be spending a lot of time in these vehicles, having something with more than 0 comfort would make their lives easier.
-Design realism

How to enter

Please PM me your car files with the following name format:

Model name: PDC13 - (YourUserName)
Trim name: Name of your vehicle
Engine family name: PDC13 - (YourUserName)
Engine variant: Name of your engine

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ruleset, please say so before January 31st. After that the rules will be set.

Entry deadline is set to be February 15th at 9pm Central Standard Time

Thank you and have fun!


The offroad criteria is the stat and not the Offroad market/competitiveness score, correct?

How many seats are required?

Is a 4x4 drivetrain actually required?

The offroad criteria is the stat and not the Offroad market/competitiveness score, correct?

Yes, this is correct.

How many seats are required?

The seating requirement is 4 full seats at a minimum.

Is a 4x4 drivetrain actually required?

Four wheel drive is not required, though it is highly recommended. But, if you can make a 2wd vehicle that can score well enough in the offroad stat to compete with 4wd entries, I will allow it.

Should there be a size requirement, like footprint/wheelbase/track width? There are some 3.7m wheelbase available - those feel quite large for jungle duty. The extra cargo space could quickly eclipse the fuel economy penalty.

I honestly figured a vehicle of that size would have been a poor choice for this challenge and most would have avoided it regardless, but I’ll amend the rules to limit the wheelbase to 3 meters.


It goes off-road and stuff.


Arion Hercules XL 6C Premier '62

Shown in Moss Green

Introducing the Arion Hercules XL: A rugged offroader used for armies around Europe in the 1960s. Fitted with a 6.2L Inline 6 producing over 320lb-ft of torque at low RPMs and a beefy 230hp output. This Premier edition is equipped with the factory optional spec offroad package including skid plate and offroad-undertray, roof rack, light surrounds, extended mudflaps, tow-hooks front and rear, spare wheel and tyre, as well as a tow-hitch.

Arion Automotive Thread


Are there any performance benchmarks? For example, should the vehicle be capable of highway travel?


1962 Franklin Rhino


This has a pleasing circularity to it

The last challenge I hosted before handing over was a 4x4 challenge from this era

Here is the Brantan 4 Alu

The Aluminium tub variant of the Brantan 4 has a 2.75L Inline 4 engine producing approx. 100hp and 140lb-ft of torque.

And it’s like the love child of a Land Rover Series IIA and a Ford Bronco


How dare you breed a masterpiece with a bit of US tat!!!

Cabrera C-12 Estepario

Extra pics


1962 Knighwtick 9 seater van.


The new-for-1962 Warlock Militant 600 in Survivalist spec. A reliable piece of machinery good enough for the military, this specification’s looks may be unconventional but don’t let that fool you: this specification was made to maximize capability while saving you money. This vehicle is made to go off the beaten path wherever your work may take you: from remote corners of Africa to the jungles of the Amazon rainforest, this vehicle can take it on. This vehicle has room for all of your equipment between its’ standard roof storage and its’ cavernous trunk space: it can seat six and leave room for three sleeping sacks in the back when it gets dark. It fits 2 full size spares on the rear and 2 jerry cans on each side as standard equipment. For all this equipment: you must think it will cost a fortune! And now you can understand the brilliance of the Warlock Militant 600 Survivalist: it manages to do all of this for half the price of competitors: setting you back a whoppingly low $10,700. For a vehicle with standard: manually locking diff, power steering, chunky offroad tires and room for six. Warlock. Professional Quality, Amateur Cost.


Well, these are meant to be street going vehicles, even though they are going to spend most of their time off road. So I’d say something that’s at least capable of hitting 50mph/80kph at least.

Bogliq Burro Defender

Brand new Burro’s for the Brasillian Army; they’ll let you buy some of their latest units if you let the Government share in the glory of finding out about Brasilia’s glorious history…

Bogliq Expidition Logistics Ltd. is happy to offer your team as many Burro Defenders as you need and budget allows. The Burro’s on offer will be supplied from the Brasilian Army; the Brasilian Government will supply the units at a generous price plus they’ll aid in logistics, all for some academic recognition and housing any artifacts found in the Brasilia State Museum (Brasilia). The Burro Defender, being a rugged 4x4, will reliably get you and your team exactly where you want to go plus have ample space for all you need to survive in the jungle for weeks at a time.

It is recommended you budget for a couple of small, SWB, lightweight offroaders for the close-in work but the Burro’s will never let you down! Contact me at our Detroit HQ or via the Brasilian US embassy when you’re ready to make a decision.

Yours faithfully

Jack Tennyson
Procurement Agent, Brasilia


Angus Automobile - Appalache ML

This Canadian ML special edition of the Appalache is based on military specs, including full aluminium body with an undercarriage skidtray, fold down windshield, removable seats and a specially tuned 300 cid inline 6 engine.

Standard Appalache features also include easily removable hard top plus a standard 3-speed manual transmission. This ML version can convert from a four seat covered vehicle to an open top two-seater pickup, or any configuration in-between, in no time.

It is rugged yet comfortable both on and off road, and is made to get to its target destination quickly and reliably over any terrain or obstacle.

Angus Automobile made no compromise and spared no expense in building this for the harshest environments around the world. Buy a fleet today and see why the military put its trust in the Appalache ML.



A quick clarification on the price - less than 20,000 means below only? so 20k is out and 19.9k is max?