PIF Design Challenge [Red Group Thread]

[size=120]Pay It Forward Design Challenge - Red Group[/size]

Good morning! You all were randomly selected for the “Red Group”. I have randomized the play order. The last person on the list will issue the first challenge, to the first person on the list. When you post and issue the challenge, please also PM the person you are issuing the challenge to, letting them know it’s ready. The person being challenged has 3 days to complete it. All are welcome to play all challenges, but if you are not being challenged, please do not post results or LUAs until after the player receiving he challenge either completes, gives up, or times out.

Make the challenges interesting, possibly something that might trip up your “victim”, but also possible to do. Remember: if the group as a whole feels your challenge is impossible, you WILL be required to post a LUA proving it IS possible.

Good luck and have fun!

[size=120]Round 1 Play Order[/size]
Manche (Completed)
SlimJim (Completed)
Sayonara (Completed)
F17Francesco (Completed)
NiuYorqCiti (Completed)
UMGaming (Failed)

[size=120]Round 2 Play Order[/size]
ayomide (Completed)
F17Francesco (Completed)
Manche (Failed)
UMGaming (Withdrawn)
Sayonara (Completed)

so I am first… I need to be given a challenge to get the ball rolling?

Correct, UMGaming needs to issue you a challenge. I sent messages to all players to check their respective threads.

in the mean time I’ll be cooking up something for SlimJim

Looking forward to it! :smiley:

a challenge is in the brewing

should be ready in a couple hours

I have been thinking for a while and ive come up with a challenge.

The year is 2000 and your company is thinking about making a new cheap sports car.
The budget is $10500 total cost.
sportyness: >30
driveablity: >25
sports compound tyres
must be a v8 (crossplane or flatplane doesn’t matter)
at lest 300hp
average reliablity: >50
no carbon fibre
max quality +5
min quality -5
airfield track laptime: <1:30.00


I have already done the challenge. but I have to put stuff to to show
PIF challenge car.rar (18.1 KB)

I have already done the challenge. but I have to put stuff to to show[/quote]

nice just had a look at it and it ticked all the box’s =)

its timne for me to come up with a challenge and i dont want the usual tract time one… I would like something nutty

year 1985… You want to participate in next year’s Paris Dakar and for that You manage to get an impounded YCB Bagual, a fiber glass rwd sportscar

The major modifications needed are going to be increasing its reliability and offroad capability along with mantaining the top speed.

You are allowed to make drastic changes to the car.

offroad: 30
Top speed: 240 km/h approx 150mph
Engine reliability: 50
Overall reliability: 75

except for cylinder head no quality sliders over +5 (its already at +10)

keep the body and frame materials.

YCB Bagual Dakar conversion.zip (18.2 KB)

The YCB Bagual has been *extensively *modified in order to compete. Some changes include:

] The addition of all-wheel drive./:m]
] A de-stroked crankshaft/:m]
] Shaved heads for a slightly higher compression ratio/:m]
] New, lower-profile cam/:m]
] 4 DCOE carbs, with high-performance filters/:m]
] Modified air/fuels, timing/:m]
] Lower rev-limit/:m]
] Smaller diameter exhaust (to complement the smaller cam), combined with long-tube headers (cats removed)/:m]
] Custom gearbox and driveshaft (for the all-wheel drive)/:m]
] 14-inch Off-Road Rally wheels and tires/:m]
] Original brakes did not fit smaller wheel/tire package - new rotors and pads/:m]
] Completely gutted the interior, and removed the entertainment stuff/:m]
] Basic safety - roll cage etc./:m]
] Disabled ABS, removed power steering/:m]
] Re-tuned suspension for off-road friendly ground clearance and soft springs; massive anti-roll bars to combat roll induced by the soft springs (just like a real rally car?)/:m][/ul]

And here’s the file: Paris-Dakar Rally Bagual.zip (18 KB)

That was fun! Thanks Manche!

Nice done! now its your turn to cook up a challenge!

or you could brew it up

It’s 1975. The muscle car is but a distant memory. Fuel crises, war, recession… times are tough. People are cutting back. Still, the engineers at Mayflower Automotive seem to have missed the memo. They’re still pushing executives to make 455 cubic inch (7.4-liter) V8 symbols of power, pride, and glory. On a particularly frigid winter’s morning, they roll out a new prototype for testing. Nicknamed the “Turbohawk”, it’s everything a muscle car lover could dream of. BIG engine, BIG meaty tires, all brawn, no bull.

The first series of tests seem to go well! Preliminary estimates show the car capable of high 13-second 1/4 mile times, putting down 330 horsepower (246kw) and 455 ft/lbs of torque (617nm) to the rear wheels. One of the engineers is spotted by an executive while on a lunch break. “So what’s new?”, the exec asked. The engineer gleefully talked about how fast it is, how great it looks, how… “Yes, but what about fuel economy?”

Needless to say management was NOT happy when they got the call. Several “meetings” (more like verbal assaults) later, you and the engineering team have been given a new task. Modify the Turbohawk to make it production ready for the next auto show.

Your job, as dictated by management:
[ul]] Increase fuel economy to at least 14 mpg (US), or 16.8 l/100k or better./:m]
] Modify the engine to accept REGULAR UNLEADED fuel/:m]
] Add a catalytic converter/:m]
] Increase safety to 45.0 or better/:m][/ul]

Your constraints:
[ul]] NOTHING on the model tab can be changed (except the color :stuck_out_tongue: )/:m]
] The ENGINE FAMILY cannot be modified, but you can modify everything else in the engine tab, as needed (including the quality sliders, but no higher than +9)/:m]
] Engine emissions must be LESS than 1776, (because 'Murica :stuck_out_tongue: ) /:m]
] The following trim tab options are LOCKED: Gear Spacing and Seats - everything else is fair game (including the quality sliders, but no higher than +7, not less than -7)/:m][/ul]

Your personal goals, to show management how good you are:
[ul]] Maintain the prototype’s tameness of 19.0 (or better)/:m]
] Maintain a “14-second 1/4 mile” as shown in the IN-GAME STAT (so anything between 14.00-14.99 is acceptable)/:m]
] Maintain the prototype’s sportiness of 14.7 (or better)/:m]
] Keep total cost under $12,000/:m][/ul]

**NOTE: Your job and your constraints are REQUIRED. **

Your personal goals are optional - It all depends on how motivated you are to show your boss and potential customers that they don’t need to sacrifice fun for the sake of clean air. :mrgreen:

[size=75]PS: files included: Mayflower Turbohawk (model), PIF challenge (trim), Buick Big Block (family), 455 Stage I (variant)[/size]
Mayflower Turbohawk.zip (18.4 KB)

“We’ve managed to meet your requirements,” the project manager announces, drawing the attention of all seated in the board room. “339 horsepower with 466 pounds of torque. Emissions legal in California. Safer than any of our competitors. Damn close to 19 miles per gallon.” A hint of what could be taken as a smirk plays on his face; nothing could have prepared the Mayflower bureaucracy for the blasphemy the lead engineer had concocted.

Polite applause filled the room, and the project manager loaded up the next slide of technical data with a malicious glimmer in his eyes.

“…427 cubic inches with twin turbosuperchargers.”

The applause stopped abruptly, shoved aside by a horrified chill. The new Mayflower Turbohawk was now as un-American as its German designer; no true-blue muscle car was allowed to have turbosuperchargers. Or for that matter, a five-speed gearbox, and god forbid effective brakes. But nobody could raise so much as a squeak in objection, because the engineering team had delivered literally what they had demanded of them.

A Turbohawk.

[size=85]Edit: challenge coming soon.[/size]
Turbohawk.7z (16.7 KB)

Well done Sayonara! And a very interesting approach! :mrgreen: You’re up next!

I leaned it out and added just a little more cam and I made 360+ HP N/A but nowhere near ask close to those economy numbers

[size=150]The Last Sports Car[/size]

It’s 2020. The sports car is a distant memory. Fuel crises, war, recession… times are tough once again.

Meanwhile, you have been handed a design brief for your company’s next family car. It must meet a wide and stringent set of regulations to be sold in all major markets, and the list is depressing; safety standards, emissions standards, minimum fuel economy… the dreariness goes on and on, and it’s beginning to look like you’ll be responsible for designing the next award-winning econobox.

A “fitting” task for the former head of the recently dissolved performance and motorsport division. There’s no way you’ll take this lying down.

Can you get away with building the last sports car?

Regulations require:

  • 49 mpg or better to meet US CAFE (4.8L/100km)
  • 50 emissions or better, to meet Euro emissions standards
  • 50 Safety or better

Management requires:

  • 5 seats
  • 40 Driveability or better
  • 30 Comfort or better
  • 20 Prestige or better
  • Regular or Premium fuel
  • 70 average reliability or better
  • $12000 total cost

Your personal goal (optional):

  • lap Green Hell in under 9:00
  • lap the Airfield Test Track in under 1:35

Very hard, i barely do it, the 4,8L/100km rule is very strict.
I’ve made a sport car? No, it’s veeeery slow but it fit the rules.

Someone was able to satisfy even the lap times?
PIF F17Francesco.zip (23 KB)