Pikemen EV Design Challenge [FINALE OUT]

Pikemen EV Design Challenge


Pikemen City, Tanjung Malim - 28th April 2023


Tengku Hafizan, the CEO of Pikemen, was a visionary leader who always believed in staying ahead of the curve. He was aware of the growing demand for electric vehicles and was keen to venture into the EV market, particularly the luxury sedan segment. He had already acquired the necessary electric drivetrain technology for the car, but he knew that the design of the car was equally important.

One day, Tengku Hafizan called up all the executives of Pikemen to the meeting room to discuss the company’s entry into the EV market. As they settled down, Tengku Hafizan spoke about the company’s plans to launch a luxury electric sedan that would cater to the high-end market.

“We have the electric drivetrain technology for the car, but we need to ensure that the design of the car is equally exceptional. We need to work with the best design studio to create a car that is not only technologically advanced but also visually stunning,” he said.

Tengku Hafizan asked the executives to do a lookout for other design studios that they could collaborate with for the project. He wanted them to bring back a list of potential candidates that they could evaluate and select from.


Creating a design for a luxury Pikemen EV sedan would require careful consideration of various factors such as aesthetics, performance, sustainability, and convenience. The design would need to appeal to the tastes of luxury car buyers while also being eco-friendly and practical. Your task is to create an outstanding looking luxury EV sedan and try to impress me with your design.

Current Pikemen line-up

Real Life Examples

Design Requirements

  • Wheelbase : 2.8m - 3.2m (rounded)
  • Only sedan and liftback body are allowed
  • Interiors are not required but if you really insisted to make an interior, go right ahead
  • I will most likely incorporate some of the design features either from the participants or the winner of this challenge for my future Pikemen line-up.

Entry Submission

Naming convention : Model & Family name : PEDC - [Your Username here], Trim & Variant is free for all.



This looks and feels like a CSC, but I am currently busy hosting the current round, and since you did not enter the previous CSC, it makes perfect sense to give it its own separate thread.

Forgot to do announcement but the entry is now open!

2024 Pikemen #CHARGE

Introducing a new, sleek and futuristic design language for Pikemen EVs, the #CHARGE concept brings top-of-the-line EV performance and luxury to Pikemen’s lineup. Three battery sizes and three motor configurations are available, to satisfy the needs of the modern EV buyer, be it range or speed and acceleration.


#CHARGE 100 Sport Specs
  • 100 kWh tunnel-mounted battery
  • Dual motor setup with 650 hp and 1500 Nm of torque
  • 0-100 in 2.7 seconds
  • 275 km/h top speed
  • 950 km of range
  • Luxury package with individual rear seats
  • Tech package with full-width UltraScreen dashboard display
  • Sport package with height-adjustable suspension and 21 inch wheels

Pikemen Q

Top speed:310kph
Battery:120kWh CTC Battery


A masterpiece car :blue_heart:



Beraya EV




2200 kg curb weight
2,85 m wheelbase/ 4,54 m length/ 1,79 m width
100 kWh battery (700 km range)
Full charge in 18 minutes
700 hp and 1000 Nm
0-100 in 2,7s
355 km/h top speed


Self-adjusting headlights
Active, adjustable suspensions
360-degrees view cameras
Autonomous driving system (OPEN BETA)
Panoramic electric sunroof
Adaptive tinted glass
Eco-friendly interior materials
Heated, ventilated seats with electric adjustment
Ambient lighting
Head-up display
12-inch center display with adjustable incline
Voice command support: English, Malay, Chinese
Driving modes: Eco, City, Sport, Hypermiling, Quiet (OPEN BETA)
Cruise control, stability control, lane assist, traffic jam assist, park assist
2nd row separate climate control
6 12V power outlets, 2 wireless chargers

…and more.


150 kWh endurance battery (1000 km range)
20-inch wheels
Carbon ceramic brakes
Suspension replacement: Offroad/Sport
Tire replacement: Offroad/Track
Exterior extras: Roof bars, mudflaps
1st row massaging seats
2nd row entertainment system
2nd row pilot seats with massager (NEW)
Air purifier
Fire extinguisher

by Kotatsu Design Team


Zephorus Autos


2023 Edition

Available in select colours
Or made to order
Marble White

Charcoal Grey

Dusk Blue

Tuscany Red

These cars are not a real product of any manufacturer, any likeness or other similarities to real brands is purely coincidence. Top trim model shown, actual model may change in final submission.

This is one of those challenges where I am excited to test out some design skills and I see the first couple cars submitted and realize I need at least another year of practice

Do it anyway! that’s how you learn, everyone has a unique style and you just need to find a rhythm with designing something.


2024 Pikemen EV


Part 1 : Jom!

Pikemen City, Tanjung Malim - 31st July 2023

With 5 proposal that managed to send to Pikemen before the deadline, all of the clay models of the proposal were sent to Pikemen City for Tengku Hafizan and his executives to check out the proposals.

@xianxian2 - Pikemen Q

First impression from this car that it looks very futuristic and very elegant, it feels very Chinese and Tengku Hafizan don’t mind Chinese-looking car for their line-up. The proportions of the car looks very sleek and giving that aura of pulling up on a very very modern house up hill on Beverly Hill (or Bukit Antarabangsa, Malaysia translated).

The grille looks very empty and was expecting some chrome details or any fillings to remove that empty spaces, in my humble opinion. The side molding on this car is well made and flows well with the design flow.

Though this random molding piece is out of place, making it more subtle or using other molding would’ve make it better looking.

Coming to the rear of the car, it felt uninspiring and doesn’t match with the front and it looks kinda generic with small simple tailights and such. It’s so flat and doesn’t have any molding to fill that negative space which covers a lot on the rear.

As in for brand identity, it doesn’t look like Pikemen nor Malaysian car to us, it’s just straight up Chinese design which is not a bad thing but Tengku Hafizan was not interested on Chinese design yet. The proposal overall looks unsinspiring and too foreign looking for Pikemen. They had to pass on this proposal.

@OT_motive - Executive Streamliner

A huge contrast proposal compared to the last one. This one looks really eye-catching with cyborg inspired front end, striking rims 22-inch and 23-inch rims and very striking side profile too. I can see this car pulling up on a driveway of houses from 2040’s or beyond.

The front doesn’t features main grille but aforementioned cyborg inspired front-end really makes the cars more stand-out from other competitors in the market, it has that distinctive look to it. Moving to the side of the car, the shoulder line can be clearly seen here and flows well from the headlights. The proposal also has really well hidden door handle that is cleverly designed to it.

Really make the side profile looks smooth with those door handle being hidden up there. Coming to the rear, i will say this. It is very on point with current trend, blackened out singular tailights and diffuser or lower fascia. Every space on this rear has been filled with body molding so it’s not that boring to look at, you just keep looking at it.

Other than that, this random line on the side just go nowhere and just abruptly ended there, was hoping it connect to something or not ended prematurely there.

As in for brand identity, it has that design elements from other Pikemen’s especially the front (for me atleast). This car is really striking and really ahead of it’s time. Tengku Hafizan approved this proposal and moved to the finals.

@azkaalfafa - Pikemen Beraya EV

A very well made and highly-detailed proposal was sent to Pikemen and they were impressed with it. But other than that, the car looks elegant but doesn’t scream luxury or futuristic, due to the designer worked on an outdated body for this challenge.

The front of the car looks oddly Swedish, more to that specific Swedish brand. It looks more premium more than luxury feels to it. I can see this car sitting on 2020’s modern house rather than 2040’s modern house. Modern Retro feeling as what i can describe it.

The side of the car is really really messy at some angle like the picture above, nitpicky wise. Other than that, it really shows it is an old 90’s car with modern styling in this car especially the attempt to modernized 90’s molding which is not working, to be quite honest. And the door handle looks outdated here too.

Coming to the rear, the tailight design is pretty well made, flows well and fits in with other design elements on the car, just need to be a more square to fit with the headlights. Besides that, the modernized 90’s molding continues though it managed to fit in well with the car, giving it more depths to the rear, compared to the side which is just tacked on.

For brand identity from this car, like i said before, it has that Swedish vibes especially that one brand and that’s what Pikemen is not getting sued for. The car is really really detailed but such wasted potential to make this on an old BMW body. Tengku Hafizan had to pass on this one.

@Riley - Zephorus Racing Design

This proposal looks really imposing and really slick design with blackened out front-end with light steel material on the side vent and the main grille to make it pop out more, they liked it. Does it belong in a very futuristic house? Maybe but if they changed out the rims or make it bigger like 21-inches, it could improve the car’s image but that can easily swapped out if it hits the production line.

With really impressive blacked out front-end comes to stop when they noticed really small headlights on the car, it is really small that i’m not sure if it’s road worthy or not. Other than that, inside the steel side vent is really empty, what they could proposed is some sort of LED lights like this very professional drawing interpretation :


Anything that can be filled inside the side vents other than the empty void.

Coming to the side of the car, whilst the side molding is nice, Tengku Hafizan wished the side molding is a bit more unique and extreme to match the front of the car. Moving on to the rear of the car, the tailights of the car is very well made and a nice continuation design with small grille design on the rear under the great tailights. The side strakes from the rear side vents is another good detailing to fill that empty space.

As in for brand identity, the car sure does fit in with other Pikemen line-ups and some of the elements of the car useful for future Pikemen’s lineup especially the tailights. Another well made proposal that is well designed and proportioned, just sadly it has really small headlights and empty front side vents.
Tengku Hafizan accepted this proposal and moved to the finals.

@the-chowi - Pikemen CHARGE

And we have arrived to the final proposal, Pikemen CHARGE. The front LED headlights really stands out, just like Executive Streamliner proposal a while ago except this one a bit slimmer, due to how tall the bottom fascia is. While in bottom fascia topic, Tengku Hafizan really likes how it looks, elegant, smooth and doesn’t look super messy, just simple elegant frontend. They can see this car sat on a 2050’s modern house on the beachside’s driveway.

Moving to the side of the car, the side molding is really striking with that black plastic panel that connects from what they’ve assumed, charging port to the door handle, a nice little touch though painting it to chrome could’ve look better but they’re fine with this paint or material. Moreover, the sloped up molding really gives the car some character and how unique it is compared to other proposals.

Coming to the rear of the car, the tailight is a bit high up on the rear, giving it alot of negative space below it, thus making it looks awkward on some angle and the random vertical lights looks out of place there, could’ve just go with horizontal lights thus it will make rear a bit more better. Besides, the rear molding was absolutely fantastic, it flows well and didn’t abruptly ended somewhere. The tailights can be fixed either to make it longer like this :

or just make the tailights lower if you didn’t care about the connecting plastic line from C-pillar to the tailights.

As in for brand identity, though it didn’t have that typical Pikemen looks to it, Tengku Hafizan thinks it can stand out from other Pikemen’s lineup with it’s mesmerizing and unique looks this car got. Tengku Hafizan approved this proposal and moved to the finals.

With all proposals that has been reviewed, only 3 proposals that managed to make it to the finals which is Executive Streamliner, Zephorus Racing Design and Pikemen CHARGE. With that, Tengku Hafizan were satisfied with the choices that he made with these proposals and was hoping the next final 3 were chosen as the final product for their EV sedan lineup.

Coming up next, Final 3....


I did have several variants of LED lights or halos in the side vents, it just didn’t play nicely with how shallow the side bits are when placing MDHL so I opted to just not use it at all to be safe. I should have been bolder it seems :stuck_out_tongue:


Gotta admit, picking an older body (and design overall) was a gamble, guess it didn’t pay off this time. Still, that was a fun experience for me

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Pikemen City, Tanjung Malim - 2nd August 2023

With final top 3 proposals from Zephorus, Streamliner and Pikemen CHARGE, these proposals are certainly amongst the favourites from the Tengku Hafizan and the executives but they gotta pick one winner today from these proposals. Here’s a quick look and summarize at each proposal’s.

@OT_motive - Executive Streamliner

The Streamliner really holds up with it’s name, very sleek and very modern car and very streamline too. Tengku Hafizan and others really love the striking blue colour for this proposal as it is really stands out and probably you can spot it from far distance. They really love the front especially the striking LED headlights. All other positive points were mentioned in the previous judging round but overall, they really love it.

They love it but does it wins their heart for the Pikemen line-up?

@Riley - Zephorus Racing Design

Ah Zephorus… they were well-known for making beautiful machines for decades and Pikemen were really happy that Zephorus were interested in this project. Zephorus aside, this car really is beautiful but shame the headlight situation that were mentioned made them not confident with it. Small headlights or not, the Pikemen designer can change it if they decided on this car.

Zephorus’s design and history are certainly very impressive but will the Pikemen accept this proposal?

@the-chowi - Pikemen CHARGE

And lastly, Pikemen CHARGE. With it’s striking front-end and beautiful side molding and profile, it is certainly screams luxury EV sedan. Pikemen can see this car selling well here and worldwide especially the market they wanted to enter or interested at, USA and China market.

With it’s really striking design element, will it accepted by Tengku Hafizan and his executives?

With all proposals quickly breezed through, Tengku Hafizan and others headed to the meeting room to further their discussion with all 3 proposals they have right now. An hour or two was full of making comments nor making it positive or negative, the cost of the cars, projected sales per year and so more.

With all that, they were all satisfied with one answer and they all locked in…

The winner

Congrats to @OT_motive for winning this challenge! Your car really fits my criteria and needs for this challenge and certainly wins my heart too. Honestly, all top 3 were really tough, they’re all good but this one hits the spot.

As in for podiums

2nd : @the-chowi
3rd : @Riley

Thanks for joining my challenge and have a great day / night, guys!