Playing on large screens

I dont know if im just being stupid and cant find it, or this function actually is missing, but the “Engine Designer” window is very small playing on a 24" screen @ 1920x1200. I would be great if you could use the whole screen without setting the resulution down. Right now approximately only 1/3 of the screen is usen for the building windows and that is not enough.

Engine designer window is always the same resolution sadly, we don’t really have the ability to make it resize, but you’ll at least be able to have more different windows open with a higher resolution

So you’re saying those of us who have larger monitors are now forced to find it increasing difficult to play? Why not just scrap the windows and make it fullscreen?

I’m playing on 21’’ screen 1920 x 1080. I don’t get how do you find it difficult to play.

Its just small and annoying to not use the whole screen. I dont see the point of a window at all, what other windows would you open?

Well, it’s not the whole game. Later you could open car designer, financial statistics, research and development window, factory management, boring business meeting simulator…

Yeah I know. But still, building the engine (and later, car) is my guess that people will use most of their playing-time on, so instead of squeezing your eyes together to see a small window on a large screen with a high resulotion, why not make the work-space larger? You dont have a work table at work, and only using 1/3 of the space for your current job, do you? :slight_smile:

The reason is really simple.
It’s a lot of work to get the window resizing work correctly. And making it just larger will increase the minimum resolution, which is not what users of smaller screens would want. You see, game making is like engine building - it’s the art of compromise.

I’d also like to see this feature.

I don’t see why it would be hard to scale up the viewport to the res of the screen?

Maybe I’m just being naive :wink:

Yep, trust me, my view as a naive artist is that resizing would be easy to do, but getting a user interface like that to scale correctly to different sizes is an absolute horror show and would add loads of extra development time.

We went for the window size we did as its the largest we can fit in a 1280 x 720 window, which we figured was a sensible minimum resolution for a game these days.

If you’ve got a huge resolution (Hell, I’m playing it in 5760 x 1080) then you’ll be able to have loads of windows spread around, the engine designer, the finances screen, the car manager, etc. That’ll be useful for managing mutliple aspects of your company easily.

Yes, its not perfect, but we’re a 4 man team and I think we’ve done fairly well for what we are.

Would it be possible to include a larger font? Now fonts are little hard to read on a 40" (1080p) screen and as HDTVs are growing more popular among PC users it would be quite good option to have. Larger fonts may demand larger window, but I don’t see static font and window size as demanding as resizing windows. I understand it’s more work than doing nothing, but I think many would benefit from having the option.

I know. This was not meant to sound like an attack on you gyus, it was only meant as a suggestion :slight_smile:
I still love the game and will continue playing it. Showed to a few friends. 3 of them have allready bought it (they say), two mechanics and one car enthusiast. Talked to one of them last night, one of the mechanics, and he was getting frustrated (in a good way) over he couldnt get his engines to work like they should. I qoute him: “Its so damn hard to adjust everything! I CAN’T GET IT TO WORK! … it’s F-ing awesome…”

All good, just had to explain quite often that we hate this issue too, but its just not in our scope to fix :wink:

It’s quite unbearable at 2560x1600 as you can see here. So much wasted screen space, and yet I have to squint to see what I’m actually doing.

If something this important isn’t going to be fixed, I regret spending money on the preorder, which is a shame because otherwise the demo feels solid. :frowning:

Trust me, we really regret that we don’t have a good way to fix this, but im not sure what else we can do. Yes its an issue, no we don’t have a way to fix it. As a small, low budget dev team there is just some stuff we can’t do.

The only fix would be to just design the whole window larger which would make it no longer fit at the minimum 1280x720 res, stopping a lot of laptop users playing entirely…

Also, if you run it in 1920x1080 instead of 2560 x 1600 it shoud look way better, give that a go.