Police Car Challenge (PCC): Gasmea Highway Patrol (SUBS CLOSED, JUDGING IN PROGRESS)

Police Car Challenge
The GHP need a police car, that is fast but not too expensive, to replace their aging fleet of CVPIs

  • Model year: 2012 or newer
  • Trim Year: 2017
  • Family Year: 2000 or newer
  • Engine position: front or rear
  • Variant Year: 2017
  • Body Style: anything except van, coupe, mpv, or pickup. Must have at least 4 doors
  • Safety: Standard 10s or later
  • Fuel: Regular Unleaded
  • Emissions: WES 11, you must also have at least a 3 way cat.
  • Race Parts: BANNED
  • V16s: BANNED
  • Legacy Bodies: BANNED
  • Techpool: Default (5)
  • Styling: Police parts not required, just make a police-spec model. You need Headlights, taillights, amber indicators in the front, and amber or red indicators in the rear. you also need side indicators (wraparounds allowed)
  • Other fixtures: You need wing mirrors, door handles, and a fuel cap
  • Transmission: DCT or Advanced Auto ONLY
  • Naming: Family and model: PCC-YOURNAME. Variant and trim: Free

:star: :star: :star:
Performance: It needs to be able to keep up with criminals
Reliability: The police can’t afford downtime
Value: they can’t break the bank on upfront costs either, as they will be purchasing a fleet

:star: :star:
Service costs: it can’t be too expensive to maintain
Drivability: it would be nice if the officers didn’t have to wrestle the thing
Safety: this car will be seeing some serious speed, so it better be safe

Offroad: it needs to be able to do at least light off-roading
Comfort: It can’t be back breaking, but it doesn’t need to be a rolls royce either




Rules delib will end Jan 20th, 8AM EST
Submissions will close Jan 30th, 8AM EST

This is a very laid back challenge, resubs allowed and I will fix any rule breaks (except for body type) if it doesn’t cause warnings

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Edit: hatchbacks and estates are now allowed

Is the country of origin rule based on some real rule or just the US police only having American cars? I genuinely don’t know, the rule just seems very limiting.

Yes afaik the us does require cruisers to be cars made in the country, and many other countries like Japan or Germany use locally made cars
but, I might remove it because some countries use foreign cars

Edit: country of origin restriction removed

I know the restriction has been removed, but; there’s more countries that don’t produce a car than countries that do.

I guess I’m mostly just wondering what country exactly this is supposed to be taking place in… (I have no idea what Gasmea represents)

I’m pretty sure Gasmea represents the US (hence the “gas” in the name).

Gasmea is US and the EU, depending on what region.

Update: pickups banned (it was an oversight)

Two questions

What kind of seating should we be going for? would +3 seating be enough to simulate the basic rear seats found in American police cars or do you want full seats in the back?

Also this would be my first submission to an automation competition and I’m wondering what the stance on workshop mods is? it seems like some people are including them in other submissions on the forum but I can’t tell for sure

Either will do
Workshop mods are allowed, recommended even

That was the impression I got, thanks for the quick reply!

How do I submit a car?

sent you a dm

There’s no price cap per vehicle (or for the whole fleet), so what value (in AMU) should we be aiming for?

Have a look at the three star priorities again, pretty sure that’s implying it’s up to you to work out.

I’m on my phone right now so i can’t know for sure the amu value, but generally you should aim for no more than $43,000 USD, cheaper is better but a cheap car that’s worse in every way won’t win

can we make mid engined cars

I don’t think so, even though there are no explicit rules regarding engine placement. Nor would I assume that rear-engined cars would be allowed either, given that all of the inspirations are front-engined.