Polish translation / Polskie Tłumaczenie

will there be an polish translation to automation? i think that there are many players from Poland :slight_smile:

i can help translating if you want :slight_smile:

There will be a polish translation, jeżeli uda nam się uzyskać odpowiednią liczbę tłumaczy.

Kubby, Chief Polish Translator.

You got one more in the team :slight_smile:

Ain’t we something like 90 % of full translation? Of course it needs full check for grammar etc. but i think we are very close to the end.

Hey guys!
I just took a look at your translation. I read a bit in it and it sounds good, but I am not a good reference. I haven’t learned polish grammar and stuff, but i can speak and listen to it.
But you guys need a lot of checking work now :confused:

So, polish people! We need people that can help. Write here :slight_smile:


Hey Kubboz could you please send me your email via PM so I could contact you? I would really like to contribute to the polish automaniacs community. Translation is near its end right now but there is a lot of stuff coming like car designer and tycoon part of thr game that will need translation.

EDIT: Ok, thanks, I have sent you an email :smiley: