Poll: What aspect of Automation are you most interested in?

What aspects of Automation are you most interested in?

  • Designing Engines
  • Designing Cars
  • Styling Cars
  • Managing a Business
  • Building wild and random cars
  • Trying to replicate a real manufacturer
  • Building your dream car company

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Just wondering what everyone is most keen on in Automation, its kind of an odd bunch of options, but they are what I see as the main aspects of Automation and how you might play it.

Building wild and random cars (0.4 LolVan) and Building your dream car company

I would have picked all of them, but since its only 2, I decided to go for engine designs and building my dream car company.

I would love to replicate a common brand in Australia, but make changes where i reckon they should of been. The Styling part of cars is also something im very interested in, as thats what i reckon makes a car. You could make the fastest car in the world, but if it looks terrible, it aint going to sell!

I agree with that.

Im really interested in seeing what the body design part of the game will be like.

Building a car company that makes not a single normal car would be fun. Only crazy designs allowed. :laughing:

So are we :mrgreen:


So are we :mrgreen:[/quote]


I would have picked all of these, but finally I chosen:

-style cars: am I the only one who is interested in how the cars will look like? :smiley: I hope there will be a plethora of body designs to tinker with and the player will have enough freedom to build the car he has in mind. I think I’ll spend most of my “Automation” time at the bodyshop.

-trying to replicate a real manufacturer: I’d like to try this, but sometimes I’ll take different routes than the actual company I replicate.

And of course I’ll build crazy stuff like the BMW 710i (entry level luxury car with a 1000cc, 3 cylinder engine) or a Subaru 360 lookalike with a big-block V8. :slight_smile:

I wanted to select all, but only 2 are allowed.
It mostly comes down to the technical aspect, such as designing and building cars.

It wouldn’t surprise if i would try to replicate a real manufacturer, since Alfa Romeo still remains my fav. brand of car.

Hello Alfist

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Because you got interesting car :stuck_out_tongue:

Building your dream car company was a given choice for me, but geez choosing between Designing Engines, or Designing Cars was hard.

All of the above, but I chose building engines and making my dream car company.

This game has me very, very excited!!

Chose designing engines and replicating a real manufacturer. Can’t wait to design some high revving engines with a good build quality and small lightweight cars :smiley: .

Everything above in fact :slight_smile:

I have to admit that I’m looking forward to the engine designer the most.

im interested in all aspects of the game,although i voted for engine design and running a business as these are the 2 most interesting ( to me atleast )

yeah jono u would not know what good car body design looks like as u drive vw. lol i could not help it.
i went for business and dream car company i still think you should be able to vote for 3 not just 2 as i would also be interested in designing engine and bodywork. also maybe put engine designer and bodywork designer in the same option. as they kinda come as a package

jono i thought u were a tester.
also alfisti come to live chat im sometimes in there i got a 156 20v.
most the guys in there like alfa’s being as they are drivers cars and any decent petrol head likes alfa’s apart from jonogit.
lol guys i may play jono up but i have him as a friend on xbox live so its not being nasty its just winding him up. before anyone takes it the wrong way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hard decision, because every entry on this poll is intresting.

However, the 2 most intresting for me are designing cars & engines - real dream. ^^

But I’d like also to replicate Toyota AE86 or Ferrari 512TR and other cars.

As a mech engineering student, I chose designing engines and cars :stuck_out_tongue:
It was a difficult choice… The business perspective is very interesting also.