Pop-Up Headlights, Hideaway Headlights, and Other Things

So A couple of weeks ago I watched the devs build a car from start to finish. I was very excited and that video persuaded me to buy the game. But while watching the video I noticed that there wasn’t a very wide diversity of lights. All I saw was a round, square, and modern looking set of lights I fully realize that this game is still in development but it saddened me a little bit. So here are my suggestions:
Pop-Up headlights
Hideaway Headlights
Fuel Cap Placement
Side Exhaust
Customizable Exhaust Tips
That’s all I can think of at the moment. Whatcha think?

Like most things about the car designer, we’re not sure yet really what will be possible and what won’t, what we have so far is pretty much a basic prototype and we’ll expand from there.

I like the pop up lights idea :smiley: