Power to the People - 60s Budget Muscle [RESULTS]


It’s 1965, and the economy is doing well. Young, rebellious people are looking for new cars as they settle into good, well-paying jobs. Of course, there’s a lot of things to buy and many things to consider.

Your target audience is the new working class. The plumbers, electricians, and technicians of all sorts. Young men, supporting a family, who still want a car they can be proud of without breaking the bank.

Mod fixtures are allowed! No mod bodies, however.
Model year may be no newer than 1965.
Trim year must be no newer than 1965.
Engine family and trim year may be no newer than 1965.
Your techpool is to be set to +0 in everything.
Parts and Selections
You may not use Space Frame chassis.
Safety must be one of the 60s options, and may not have negative quality.
You may not have functional aerodynamic pieces.
Final Estimated Cost is not to exceed 17,500. That is based on the Dodge Dart GT’s real life MSRP, adjusted to 2012 dollars plus some extra.
Front-wheel-drive cars will not be popular with this market, though I won’t automatically bin you for using it. Just expect to be judged much harder.

Judging and Scoring
Cars will be judged in three main categories, with a winner in each. Since this is a judged event, there will be reviews written for each winner. No promises on anything else.
Scores will be out of five. All cars will be scored, even if they don’t win, and the car with the best overall score will receive the final, fourth award. You will not be binned, as long as you do not break any of the aforementioned rules.
Visuals will be judged in two ways primarily: how period they look, as in how comparable to other cars of the era, and how nice they look. Interiors will not technically be scored, but I may be biased towards cars which have at least a basic interior slapped in since it’ll look better from the outside.
Since this is obviously a highly subjective category, I will tell you my favorite cars from this era are the '63 Dodge Dart GT and the '65 Ford Falcon.
The critical scores for this challenge are split between the engine and the trim.

  1. Engine
    For the motor, Performance Index and Throttle Response are key. Good efficiency is a nice bonus, as is reliability. These buyers aren’t very concerned about engine noise or emissions.
  2. Trim
    For the trim, Comfort and Practicality are key. These buyers want to get their family from A to B in comfort, and will likely daily drive these vehicles. Sportiness and Prestige are secondary concerns, as these buyers want to impress, even on a budget. They are not concerned much about reliability or drivability, and will prefer manual transmissions.

Cars will be run around this track:

The Glen.zip (119.8 KB)
The car with the best time wins this category and will get an automatic 5/5.
However, you will also be judged on your top speed and 1/4 mile time. Power-to-weight will be a secondary factor, as will your 0-100kmh (0-62mph). Cornering Gs will not factor into judgement.

Submitting a Car
Your car Model must be named PTP - forum username - Model name.
You must submit it to me in a DM thread named PTP - forum username.
Once you submit, you may not revise your entry. Make absolutely certain you are done; make sure your Techpools are all zero, your naming convention is correct, and that you aren’t using a mod body.
Cars are to be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, December 17th, 2022. Any cars submitted after that will not be judged.

Now off! Show us what you’ve got!


Interesting enough of an idea for a challenge. May I ask why mod bodies will not be allowed?

It’s due to personal experience with very inconsistent drag coefficients on the bodies. You can essentially have a ghost car with some. I don’t think people will try to cheat per se, but if the mod maker accidentally sets it to 0, that’s unfair for others.

Also, I’m pretty confident the Rambler mod body has an unfair advantage as far as engine space is concerned. You can fit a giant engine in there, and even if you build a moderate engine, the space makes service costs lower.


Thus, wings, lips and spoilers can only be used if the overall downforce figure is 0 or lower.

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Um, aren’t coefficient of drag figures handled by the game now? Just depends on like year, body type, frontal area and part selection. The 90s Russian Compact body from 4.1 is no longer a possibility.

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As someone who has never added tracks to Automation, where would I stuff the file once I download it?

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You might be right, but at this point the regulations are posted and I don’t want to change them. Learned for next time!


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You do know that hosts regularly change rules in response to new information and corrections? Not trying to force your hand, but this is a common practice.

That’s fine and all, but I don’t really want to change that for now, especially as a few users mentioned engine compartment space as an issue with some bodies.

Just making sure, are you on opt in beta?

That shouldn’t matter at the present time. Beta and stable branches should be the same, at least until 4.3 comes about, which isn’t likely any time soon.


Does the market have a preference for V8 engines (especially big ones with OHV heads) in 1965?

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They probably would in real life, but as I forgot to specify, they won’t for this challenge. Top speed, 1/4 mile, power to weight: those are your meal tickets.

Here is my entry - the 1965 Canmo Sprint. Powered by a 5.8L V8, it makes it to 60 in less than 9 seconds, and tracks the Glen in 3:07.68. Found it hard to makes something comfy and sporty within the price range - maybe I should have tried a smaller motor.


Looking nice! Don’t forget to send submissions in before the deadline, folks! Results will likely be out ~24h after deadline.

Is the naming convention “PTP-A_Harmless_Fly_-_Transom_Trubidor.car” correct?
I have my car done, but I’m not sure if my file is named correctly.


Make sure your car’s Model Name has PTP - A_Harmless_Fly in it. But yes.

The variant of The Glen used for this challenge is the current version with the chicane in place - that feature would not be added until 1992, well after the year in which this challenge is set. It’s close enough, though.