Pre factory and post factory competitiveness

Could we have both, the pre and post factory values of competitiveness/affordability presented at the same time? Maybe like a toggle at the top of the screen when designing a car? I mean a toggle not just in the car designer, but a toggle that would be visible everywhere in the car project: trims overview, designer, factories tab, sales forecast tab, etc…

Toggle could start first disabled, but when we finally setup a factory/factories, it switches itself on, blinking/flashing (maybe when it happens first time, everything else should grey out and some pop up should come out?) for people to pay attention that the change has happened? Before setting up factories, toggle would be disable/throwing pop up “Hey! You can see only see the estimated values, as you haven’t setup the factories yet!”.

Currently it’s quite obscure. My car is changing its score, I have a feeling in various places I see different numbers. For example I still do not know, if the designer is showing the post factory values after setting up factories and if fresh facelift has the post factory values from the get go or not :question: I think with such toggle, and clearly visible that the change has happened and when, it would make easier to understand many things.