Prestyled cars for the uncreative people. :P

I think it would be nice if the devs added some prebuilt cars, that you can chose, that are already designed, and have suspension so for the people (like myself) who don’t really like designing the cars, we can just change the suspension and build engines to put in the car. This would at least make me play some more, so i presume other people feel the same way. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Also vice versa, so you could have some prebuilt engines, and then people who like designing cars could design their cars, and then put prebuilt engines in.

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There is an engine generator, it will make the appropriate motor for the type of car, year, and market you’re designing.


But what about a design generator? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I mean, if all you’re doing is lite campaign, they don’t really need a design at all

I was more talking about sandbox mode, for exporting to Beam.

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Make friends? Find somebody who likes/is good at the part you’re not and trade vehicles. That’s how I (and others) doing CSR.


There would be nice to have a tread where you make duopeople companies


Hey, ima good engineer, hire me!!!

I don’t have beam: but if i did,and I’m not recommending this, there are plenty of designs around here,you could coughstealcough. Again,not saying you should,just that you could. Definitely not for CSR or any other challenge.



I’ve gotta be honest: Im not sure Automation is the game for you if you don’t like designing. And you can just ignore that phase anyways if it’s just for Beamng, if Im just running a test mule I put nothing on it except aero.


Automation is all about design, that’s the point. If you’re interested in cars then make a car for beam, it doesn’t have to be styled. Once you’ve put probably 10-50 hours into Automation you should be able to make something vaguely car like.

Maybe the top three CSR cars should get released as a .car, idk. Since CSR’s are so different all the time it would seem like a nice idea.

But yeah, I agree with most people. Find somone on the forums (or the discord) who can build decently and give you pointers for designs. If you don’t like styling cars then don’t do it. Simple.