Publicity idea

Hello all, first day here - been looking for a game like this for years.

Anyway, a thought occurred to me after watching the appeal for help with promoting the game. Its probably a bit foolish, but hey, its worth a shot. Jay Leno’s website regularly plugs products relating to vehicles, particularly enthusiast items. I don’t know what his terms are - but I figure its worth a shot giving his team a bell and see if he would be willing to give you guys a free plug. It would after all be of interest to his audience, although it would be his first IT related plug outside of his CAM machine.

Probably a dumb idea, but hey: nothing ventured nothing gained right?

I think this is a good idea… the worst case scenario is that they say no - nothing lost.

Indeed, there is nothing to lose by trying…

On a related note, why not write Top Gear and see if they are interested as well… Maybe even top gear australia.