Pure Ethanol as fuel option (E100)

Okay, first I’d like to say I have seem some other people talking about alternative fuels here in the forums, including E85 but i couldnt find barely any, if none, references to E100, so I’d like to kindly ask to include this fuel option in the game. But then some may question why… well, there is a few reasons I believe are somewhat important such as:

80-gas isnt used world-wide(not that i know at least), so saying ethanol isnt used world-wide isnt really a good reason to not add it to the game
The possibility to have mixes, such as E85 or E15 in the game later
Ethanol is large produced and used in americas as fuel: somewhat close to 14 billions of US gallons been produced in 2011 at USA, somewhat close to 6 billion US gallons been produced in Brazil the same year, somewhat more than 1 billion been produced in europe as well in the same year and also China and Canada together make another billion… so how can it not be a popular kind of fuel?
Highly compression resistant, allowing higher compression rations to achieve more efficiency than gasoline
And the most important reason, its more cheap to buy so its sometimes better to use it instead of gas.

Well i hope that those could be good reasons to include ethanol as a standard fuel in the game already(not in a DLC), as for the numbers in the post its all wikipedia info(links bellow) and if you guys really curious about E100 been sold everywhere in brazil at cheap prices i can show proof of it, if someone is curious of course :stuck_out_tongue:
Thats all, thanks for reading i guess.



E100 may not have been directly discussed here yet, but E85 has been. It’s a lot easier to find E85 in the US than E100. It’s also a lot cheaper. It does have disadvantages over the E100, but the primary problem is availability. Problem is, E100 is not legal for street use under CARB laws (California emissions). It might be some day, but it isn’t there yet. Availability is also minimal at best. Those who use it are using it to fuel race-oriented vehicles. E85 is legal in all 50 states, so E100 could be close. The problem with E85 is also availability. It just isn’t everywhere because so many cars can’t use it. It is just beginning to come into common with Flex-Fuel vehicles, which arrived on the scene shortly after 2000. Eventually this will become more commonplace, but today isn’t that day.

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I promise you, Ethanol has been mentioned.

The problem with E100, and E85, is that in cold weather the car gets very difficult to start.
Up here in Scandinavia, during the winter months, the Ethanol option is actually E75. Just to make the cars easier to start.

E100 fuel options need to be added, agreed. Especially with its popularity increasing very rapidly.