QFC11 - Sweet Sixteen

QFC 11 - Sweet Sixteen

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DISCLAIMER - Due to the new update that just came out that changed engine calculation entirely, the rules may be really unbalanced, especially since I had them written them down before the update. I tried my best to adjust them, but if the limits are still too restricting, let me know and I'll consider changing them. Since this is the first challenge started after the update, I guess I'm basically a test monkey for future challenges.

Buffalo, New York, 2022
It is Mackenzie’s 16th birthday, and now her rich parents are going to buy a brand new car for her. They will not let her near a sports car, because a Miata is very dangerous and will definetely get her killed. But with all the hatchbacks being killed off and the SUV craze in full swing, they settled on getting her a Subcompact CUV.



  • Trim Year: 2020
  • Body Type - Preferrably SUV, but hatchbacks are allowed if you can make them work
  • 5 doors required
  • Max wheelbase: 2.6m (rounded)
  • Max ET: 140
  • Max Price: $37,000
  • Minimum 5 seats
  • No Semi Slick tires
  • No race parts
  • No techpool points


  • Variant Year: 2020
  • Max ET: 120 or 130 for mixed materials
  • Max Loudness: 35
  • Catalytic converter and at least 1 muffler required
  • Fuel type: Ethanol Blend E10
  • No race parts
  • No techpool points


  • Model and Engine family name: QFC11 - (forum username)
  • Model Trim and Engine variant: free

:star: :star: :star:

Economy - Gas isn’t cheap right now, and Mackenzie’s parents would hate to pour a lot more of their savings into gas money.

Drivability - Even though Mackenzie has claimed that she is a safe driver, her parents know damn well that is a lie and would like for her to not get killed while driving like a psychopath.

Comfort - 4 teenagers will be squeezed into the rear seats very frequently, so it would be nice for them to sit there in “”"""""""“comfort.”"""""""""

Safety - It is definitely true that SUVs are safer than any car on the road, so that must be reflected in Mackenzie’s so her parents aren’t (as) concerned about her safety.

:star: :star:

Reliability - Mackenzie’s parents would hate for her car for break down so she is forced to take one of their cars.

SVC - If (when) something breaks, it shouldn’t be too much of an expense to fix it.

Value - CUVs have generally very little interesting features, so it would be better for these features to be the best.

Style - Mackenzie’s parents would like the illusion that her SUV will stand out from every other SUV.

Env. resistance - Buffalo is right next to the border of Canada, so winters can be really harsh; the car should be able to resist rusting to death.

Practicality - As long as it can cram a bunch of idiots in the back, it should be ok.
Offroad - Driving on snow shouldn’t be a problem SiNcE iTs A sUv

Prestige - This blandmobile should be at least be one of quality.


  • Interiors are not required, nor will they be judged.
  • The round will obviously be ran on 4.2, and I will laugh at you hysterically if the car is not from the correct version.
  • Advanced trim settings are allowed; just keep them reasonable.
  • Standard CSR realism is expected.


  • Submissions open September 25 12 AM EST, then close October 4 11:59 PM EST.


  • Allowed hatchback bodies to be used
  • Stated that 5 doors are required
  • Changed fuel type to E10
  • Raised ET limit from 130 to 140
  • Raised loudness limit from 30 to 35
  • Raised price limit from 35,000 to 37,000

Considering the era in which this QFC is set, the former must be of the 3-way type, of which either regular or high-flow units can be used.

I was about to tell you off for stating the obvious once again, but with the current bugged exhaust system the two-ways don’t have a real penalty

Non-engine question: is there going to be a mandated number of doors or is that our discretion?

I love it! The much maligned sub-compact crossover.

Sounds like a good time…I assume a full (3) rear bench would suffice.

Are we allowed to use a regular hatchback body if it’s designed to look like an SUV?


Most real-world crossovers literally are this, so I’d be in favor of allowing this. Gives us a more diverse set of bodies to work with.

in that case, hatchback bodies are now allowed


Let’s go Buffalo! I love that place!

I have a longshot suggestion, but it would be fun. How about instead of premium unleaded, we have everybody use E10 Ethanol Blend? It’s in the game, right now, at the click of a button, and technically speaking it’s the fuel everybody actually uses in America right now.


will i be crucified if i make something that’s basically a modern AMC eagle on a liftback body

Couple of questions, isn’t 130ET trim quite low, maybe 135/140 unless it’s supposed to be more basic than the inspirations.
Secondly 30 noise is extremely low in the game these days, 35 maybe?

i really would like to nuke your house after mentioning that, but i guess that is unfourtanetly allowed

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Here’s my take…this genre is all sorts of funky and crossover-y. The AMC was THE original crossover, far ahead of it’s time. I’d personally like to see how it turns out.

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The rules should be finalized now, so because there isn’t any reason to block entries for 4 hours…

:bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: SUBMISSIONS OPEN :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:

I did ask a question about the rules 11 hours ago? I assume there is no discussion on the et or noise?

check the changelog, i raised the limits for both

ah ok cool. Thought you hadn’t seen it