QFC17 - Kei car (Results out!))


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Nagoya, 1995
Yumi and Tami are a couple in their thirties. They want a new kei car to replace their 1990 Honda Today with something nicer and sportier. It’s time to shop around


Trim Year: 1995
Minimum 2 full seats
If radial tires are used, the width must end in 5
No semi slick tires
Max lenght: 3,40 m
Max width: 1,48 m
Max speed: 140 km/h

Variant Year: 1995
Fuel Type: Premium Unleaded (95 RON)
No race parts
Max capacity: < 660 cm3
Max cylinder count: 4
Max power: 64 hp
Max loudness: 35
Max Emissions: 400

Base 0 points
20 points across everywhere, maximum of 4 in each category

Model and Engine family name: QFC17 - (forum username)
Model Trim and Engine variant: free


Reliability: The cost of the technical control being very high, the car must be reliable!
Design / realism: The car should have a sporty but realistic look. Take inspiration from examples. The technical characteristics must remain realistic.
Driveability: Even if they are looking for a small dynamic car, it must remain drivable on a daily basis.

Sportiness: The performances are certainly limited by the regulations but they want a car which offers some sensations.
Runing cost / price / consumption: The budget must remain reasonable.


Interiors are not required, nor will they be judged.
Advanced trim settings are allowed; just keep them reasonable.

Max cylinder count

Submissions open Januray 15 @ 12 AM GMT, then close Janurary 22 @ 11:59 PM GMT.


Regular 91 or premium 95? Fuel


Also how many bodies are this narrow in the game?

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Is this car width or track width (as shown in the car body selector)?

car width

I think there’s around 7 bodies.

Premium 95

Is there a max budget?

Nope, based on past QFCs you can go ham, but that may cause you to go way over the average budget of entries.

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Since this round is set in 1995, 3-way catalytic converters should be mandatory. Also, for realism’s sake, the maximum cylinder count should be 4 or fewer.

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For reference, these are what are ‘legal’ bodies in this comp going back 15 in game years (No Mod Bodies):

'87 Euro 2.2m

'85 SUV 2.0m

'83 Bean 1.9m

And these are considered ‘illegal’ bodies:

'97 Edgy 2.1m

'95 Egg 1.9m

'95 Egg 2.2m

'90 Death 2.0m

'84 2.2m

'80 jpn 2.0m

Maybe there is an argument to amend the footprint rules of the cars slightly?


I assume the ‘84 2.2m and the ‘80 JPN body can’t be shortened to 3.3m?

No the bumpers stick out too far, there are a few bodies you can make short enough but they are then too wide. It’s actually width not length that’s the main problem

That equates to 87 mph - a value we can set using the speed limiter in the drivetrain tab.

I don’t think we can reack 400 in emissions without a three way catalytic converter. I’ll add maximum cylinder count of 4.



In order to increase the number of possible bodies, I suggest increasing the maximum length to 3.40m (1980 hatchback, 1980 coupe, 1984 hatchback) and the width to 1.41m (Death 1990 hatchback).

  • Yes, that would be better!
  • No, we should keep this QFC close to reality.

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In preparation for this round, I have made two test mules with the same engine: an FF hatch and an FR coupe. The former is saner and cheaper, but not quite as fun to drive as the latter. Both of them are well under $20k, though.

Is it TRACK WIDTH or … Width? I’m not finding a body that works that I like with the Width being under 55

It is width, there is currently a vote for increasing required max sizes to include more, needed bodies in the challenge.

If you check the post I made on here, you can see the width of a few bodies that can meet the current requirements.

This was a gentlemen’s agreement, it’s not like anyone took it seriously.



The kei car regulations were revised in March 1990, allowing engines an increase of 110 cc (6.7 cu in) in displacement, and the overall car length to be increased by 100 mm (3.9 in). These changes occurred during the 1990s, and all manufacturers quickly developed new models to suit. Within five months, all the major models of kei cars had switched from 550- to 660-cc engines. For the first time, a power limit was also applied, in addition to the limit on engine size. This power limit of 64 PS matched the highest output reached by any kei manufacturer at the time and was a gentlemen's agreement amongst the manufacturers in an effort to avoid a kei-class horsepower war. Source.

Before 1990, it was an agreement, but after 1990 it was enshrined into law.


I’m for keeping the dimensions realistic but since you are increasing the maximum length to 3.4m, why not increase the maximum width to 1.48m too?


Why not. In this case I should move this challenge forward to 1999 in order to match kei cars regulations. However, at that time “sports” kei cars had almost disappeared.