QFC16 - Devenir Majeur

QFC16 - Devenir Majeur

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France, 1966
19 year old Jean-Pierre is finally going to move out of his parents’ house, and is going to celebrate by buying himself a new car. He’s got a tight budget, but he still would like something nice and efficient to get him around. After all, life won’t always be the best for him since he’s French. :pensive:



  • Trim Year: 1966
  • Minimum 4 full seats
  • If radial tires are used, the width must end in 5
  • No semi slick tires


  • Variant Year: 1966
  • Fuel Type: Regular Leaded (92 RON)
  • No race parts
  • Max loudness: 50


  • Base 0 points
  • 24 points across everywhere, maximum of 6 in each category

Note: Techpool is kinda bugged right now, so you will have to reload the car each time you adjust the techpool to get the correct cost of your car in the stats.


  • Model and Engine family name: QFC16 - (forum username)
  • Model Trim and Engine variant: free

:star: :star: :star:

  • Design: Just because it is cheap doesn’t mean it should look boring. Jean-Pierre wants to stand out with a clean or at least quirky looking car.

  • Price/SVC/Fuel Economy: Jean-Pierre really does not want to throw his tiny wallet into an endless money pit.

  • Drivability: This will be JP’s daily driver, so don’t make that experience miserable.

:star: :star:

  • Comfort: Life is already hard for JP since he’s Fr*nch, so he wouldn’t want each ride to be as well.

  • Reliability: JP has good mechanical skills, but it would still be a pain in the ass if his car broke down all the time.


  • Sportiness: don’t make it depression-inducingly boring to drive at least

  • Practicality: what would you expect from an itty-bitty-city-shitty-boxy?

  • Safety: it’s the 60s; who gives a fuck


  • Interiors are not required, nor will they be judged.

  • Advanced trim settings are allowed; just keep them reasonable.

  • Standard realism is expected.


  • Submissions open December 26 @ 12 AM EST, then close Janurary 2 @ 11:59 PM EST.


  • Added 10 more inspirations for a total of 20
  • Lowered priority of safety to 1 star

Is there a wheelbase or overall length window we’re looking at?

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Oh yeah! Loving this round. This is my new Christmas business now :joy:

A longer car costs more but has better comfort and probably SVC, so it’s a nice trade off built into the criteria I think.

Sixties shitboxes! Yes!

no wheelbase limits, just try to find the perfect balance of the priorities

How tight is this budget?

Also, how tall is this guy? I’m 6’2" and drove a Fiat 126 and a Mini so I know exactly what comfort levels they had… :rofl:

Rover Mini was a little easier on the spine but not by much…

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Oh merde

Does Jean-Pierre prefer a manual transmission over an automatic one, or vice versa?

France is manual only except for luxury market, at any time (things are changing today with dual clutches gearboxes)

Im going for last.

Automatics in this class would have been really rare in 1966, unless you got a Daffodil or something…

The Daffodil had a primitive CVT, but that only made it more expensive to build - unnecessarily so, in fact.

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Je vois une photo d’Ami 8 et en légende écrit Dyane! HORREUUUUUUUUUR! :rofl:

By the way I’m in!


Question: Mandatory yellows obviously?


As an ignorant Aussie: Pourquoi?


From 1936 up to 1993, we had yellow headlights to differentiate our cars from the nazi ones.

We also kept them after WWII because the yellow headlights were better through fog and it blinded less incoming traffic if you had full beams on.

It ended in 93 because of european homogenisation and progress in technology.

Have a look at the Old Top Gear episode. Type “Old Top Gear 1990 - French Yellow headlight law” on YouTube.


Am i going too far.

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LARGER- The new Adjunkt has a longer wheelbase, longer overall length, larger width. A benefit for the comfort - a benefit for the stability. The sedan now has four doors - easier entry, more practicality. If you don’t want four doors, there is now a sporty coupé model available, too!

STRONGER- The displacement is now enlarged to 1.1 litres, thanks to larger cylinder bore. Makes for faster, more relaxed driving.

SAFER- We added front seatbelts (mounting points available for the rear seat), a recessed steering wheel hub and more extensive interior padding. The new bodyshell is stronger than the previous model. Larger 13 inch rims and optional radial tyres makes the handling more secure than ever before.

UNCHANGED- Stable front wheel drive handling giving traction even in bad weather.

UNCHANGED- Precise rack and pinion steering

UNCHANGED- Space saving transverse engine layout

UNCHANGED- Low purchase price and running costs, making the Adjunkt a very economical car.



Do we know which region is Jean-Pierre from?