QFC18 - Maximum wading depth

QFC18 - Maximum Wading Depth

Big Dave’s off road driving school is looking to replace it’s very old and tired 1991 Knightwick Stormer vehicles with something brand new and thoroughly modern. These cars will be used for off road training and for off road driving experiences purchased as presents for birthdays and the like.

This driving will be limited to a man made trail with deep water, steep incline and declines, off camber steep corners, mud and grass and loose gravel among other hazards.

The style of driving is very similar to this

So no need for extreme all terrain vehicles, these must be stock models as they appear in the showroom


  • Trim and variant year: 2006
  • Fuel, either 95 RON or E10 mix.
  • Maximum loudness 40
  • Engine emissions limit: 180
  • Preferably an SUV or pickup body, but if you think something like a legacy outback or Audi allroad can hang in this challenge then by all means go for it.
  • Maximum cost: 23000
  • Minimum of four full size seats.
  • Advanced trim settings are allowed with in reason. Making parts invisible or changing the chassis shape is fine or adding shape to the tyres. Best answer is if in doubt then ask
  • Interiors aren’t required for qfc so don’t worry if you don’t want to make one.

For techpool start with the base of five points in every section which is the default.

From there each slider can be moved in either direction by three points, ie a minimum of two points and a maximum of eight for each area. The total techpool must remain the same however so when taking points from one area they should be added onto another to even out the points total. Treat this almost like the stats on an RPG if you will.


:star: :star: :star:

  • driveability, these cars will be driven by novices who will probably have never driven on anything more than damp tarmac in the past. They must be quite easy to drive, but also will only ever really be used at low speed on technical courses.

  • off road, this is important up to a point. The cars aren’t being used for extreme rock crawling or adventuring so whilst they need decent off road prowess going overboard on this stat could be a detriment

  • comfort, the drives they will be used on will be bumpy and uneven so the chassis needs to be able to absorb the most substantial of terrain. The drivers also aren’t exactly battle hardened off road enthusiasts so won’t put up with a spartan interior

:star: :star:

  • reliability, no point spending money on upgrading to new vehicles if they break down at the top of a treacherous hill.

  • fuel economy, as above really. The main benefit of a new car should be improved economy over the old V8 powered ones.

  • service costs, basically most of the two star priorities are based on costs, and keeping them down within reason

  • purchase cost, if the school doesn’t have to spend their full amount of money then all the better.

  • design, i know this is qfc but a good cohesive design goes a long way.


  • safety, no one will be driving fast enough for a major crash but a strong safe car will certainly help if someone decides to drive over the edge of an obstacle

  • Prestige, this isn’t a pavement princess so no need for something overly fancy. However the school is more likely to get clients if the cars are at least a little bit nice.


The inspirations are pretty varied from small lightweight cars to luxury suv’s. Make your own mind up on what you think would be best.

Peek a boo



Round opens Monday 30 January 2023 0001 UTC
Round will close Monday 06 February at 0001 UTC


Rules can and may change until the round opens so if any questions let me know, i also assume one week is the normal time frame for QFC but i’m more than happy to extend out to 10 or 14 days if people want.


I’m excited! And it’s actually quick turnaround!

Sounds great, what about crew-cab trucks?

What’s your view on advanced trim settings? Could I change sidewall curve to make white tyre lettering appear, for example?

I hadn’t thought about pick ups tbh, but a smaller sized crew cab should be fine, I’ll add some to the inspirations.

Yeah something minor like making the tyres more round isn’t a problem, as long as it’s not massively changing the tyre or wheel sizes or moving around the suspension. I’ll update the post with some advanced trim rules

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Before I proceed any further Id like to know that the engine emissions limit of 180 is the stat from the “engine” tab versus the “detail” tab…since the latter is higher…for me at least.

I know sportiness won’t be a priority, but our client won’t want a car that’s too fast or slow (to accelerate) for their needs. Also, given the brief, I’m sure low-end torque will take precedence over high-RPM power.

From the engine tab, it should be.


Also, will the client prefer AWD over 4x4, or vice versa? And will a detailed interior be required, and if so, will it be judged?

Now, I am not the host, but my 5 cents are that since the main use for the cars are a closed offroad course, there would be no reason to prefer AWD IRL. Yes, it might affect stats (positively or negatively) and lore/realism reasons may justify it.

@abg7 @Knugcab

I don’t have a problem with people using awd due to the type of awd the game has. If it was the part time crossover style it probably wouldn’t be great, but since it’s the constantly active type it would be fine for offroading. This is pretty much what land rover uses for all their cars, just with a centre diff so it can be used on road.

Just bear in mind the in game awd cannot be selected with a hi/lo gearbox range

Also I didn’t put anything about interiors because I didn’t think we did them for qfc, but I’ll make a note in the rules.

I don’t say that AWD is bad for the use the cars are going to see here, it would just be strange to have it as a preferred choice for cars that were never going to see the road anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

@mart1n2005 @abg7 Interiors are strictly optional for QFC, but no one’s going to stop you from making one


In a world where it gets more and more troublesome to know who to trust, we think that the IP Terrex sets a good example. Now, we don’t say that you should not trust our competitors - we believe that they are as honest as we are. But you can trust that IP still is building the Terrex on a sturdy, body on frame truck platform - some of our competitors don’t, they are switching over to unibody, car based platforms. In fact, the Terrex shares its platform with the IP Rugger pickup truck - a truck that has one of the most honest names in business. You can trust that it has a real 4x4 drivetrain with locking differentials - not all of our competitors has that. You can trust that the 3.5 litre V6 has enough grunt - some of our competitors think that 4 cylinder engines are the definition of “enough”.

We don’t say that we are right and that competitors that are doing things differently are wrong. So what we suggest you to do is to take a test drive with the Terrex through conditions as rough as possible.

After all, we believe the best way to give you as a customer faith in us is if we can back up what we’re saying with some actual proof.


2006 Bastille Molitor 2.5 20v

It’s French, it’s square, what more could you ask for? The Molitor has been used globally for all sorts of work, legal and otherwise. We don’t care! This new model for 2006 iterates on the old boxy body, being the first actual change in body style since the 60s, the lazy *******. It has a 2.5L turbocharged inline 5 making a hair over 300hp, a 4x4 system tested in the roughs of the African jungles, and comfy enough seats to make you forget it’s meant to be for field work. It goes, and that’s all you can ask for now days. Yours for $18,300.


I have what I believe to be a fairly competent base, but I am not feeling up for visual design. Would anyone like to do have a crack at the visual aspect of mine? We can team up for the submission.

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The 2006 Canmo Osprey is a new body-on-frame SUV from Canmo. Powered by a detuned version of the V8 used in their recent LUX sedans, it makes 273hp. The setup presented to the school is pretty basic for $23,000 - the exterior features steel wheels, and lots of black trim, including the roof (it’s hard to clean up there anyway so why not cover it in durable plastic that’s easy to rinse off). Also a pretty basic setup inside, but enough to keep students comfy. Lots of room inside for 4 - the V8 don’t offer spectacular mileage but gets 17mpg in this trim and has lots of torque to help when you need it, and the design features excellent approach and departure angles.

My recent designs seem to have a Pontiac vibe to them, especially this one.


I would be up for it, as all my cars have been “looks good, horrible stats wise”. DM if you want examples of my past cars


2006 Puck Krieger Dakar

  • 3.7 litre N/A V6 with 273 bhp.

  • 5 speed advanced automatic gearbox.

  • Two-speed switchable transfer case.

  • Locking differentials and transfer case.

  • Double wishbone front suspension and a coil-sprung solid rear axle.

  • Height and stiffness adjustable air suspension.

  • Front and rear skidplates.

  • 18 inch wheels with all-terrain tyres.


since me and @xsneakyxsimx are teaming up, would the entry have both of our names?