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1967, somewhere in France
Meet Jacques and Mathilde Vaillancourt, a couple who are currently celebrating the birth of their fourth child, a boy named Damien. However, amidst all that happiness and celebration, they are worried about one thing - how on earth are they gonna fit with all their family (the other kids are 7, 5 and 2 years old) in this:

Their 1958 Famal Super F2. Since it’s gonna be hard, or maybe even impossible, and Jacques’ beloved F2 is getting a bit rusty underneath, they’re looking for a new car. This time a more spacious one, as they intend to keep it rather long, if possible.


  • at least 6 seats are a must, not all of them have to be full though (keep it realistic though and don’t send me 2/+2/+2 or 3/+3 layouts in a regular wagon though - those might work in a more utilitarian van if you wanna go that route)
  • at least 4 doors, they don’t want a car that’s less practical in that regard than their old Famal
  • engine no larger than 2182 cc/133.15 ci - this is the upper limit of the 12 CV class and they don’t think they wanna pay for more
  • no 4x4, they don’t need it
  • Regular Leaded fuel (92 RON/87 AKI)
  • model year no earlier than 1957, trim year 1967, family year any, variant year 1967
  • tech pool - default +5 everywhere to keep it simple
  • don’t go over +3 quality unless you can explain the reason, don’t go over +6 AT ALL
  • maximum approximate cost of 9000 AM$
  • no Legacy Bodies, race parts, solid front axles
  • SOME 50s or later safety package mandatory
  • make it look like a car that could exist please


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They’ll need to fit a lot of stuff inside, and do it easily.


Jacques not a super skilled driver, even less so is Mathilde, who rarely even gets behind the wheel, and their tiny bee is nicely easy to drive (55 - you don’t have to go that high, but it would be appreciated).

Running costs

They don’t expect anything even nearly as cheap to run as that basic 3CV car, but they don’t want to spend a fortune on it either.
That combines the service costs, fuel, and… taxes. That’s were the French CV system comes into play, but greatly simplified - you can just use the linked calculator (copy to be able to edit) for the combined running cost. But if you wanna know the details, this is the CV table (from the calculator):
And the equation is TOTAL = service + (consumption (in l/100 km) * 100$) + (CV² * 10$)

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They would like something definitely less barebones than their current car, but they’re not looking for a premium car.


Since they wanna keep the car for quite some time, it would be good if it lasted long enough.


Purchase price

They would like to spend less than their whole budget, but not if it means seriously cutting corners in other priorities. Try not to aim lower than 6500 AM$.

Environmental resistance

French winters might not be the harshest, but cars do rust anyway. Better later than sooner.


They want no sports car, but something less lethargic than an 18 hp econobox would be really nice. Especially with all the people and baggage on board.


It’s the 60s and the average buyer - including our lovely family - know little to nothing about that stuff, and there are no standardised tests. But they’ll appreciate some better equipment of this kind.

Irrelevant (within reason)

  • design - Jacques is a fan of his ugly duckling, and Mathilde has given up at this point and she’ll just force him to order some nice colour
  • body style - as long as it does it’s job without unnecessary complications
  • sportiness - none of them is a petrolhead
  • offroad, utility, prestige


Peugeot 504 Familiale - technically a 1968 car, so keep that in mind

Saab 95

Volvo 145

Fiat 600 Multipla

Volkswagen T1


Deadline and submissions

Midnight on 11/12th of September, CEST
Send me the cars here via DM, named accordingly:
MODEL: QFC30 - [your forum name]
TRIM: [anything you like, preferably the car’s name]
FAMILY: QFC30 - [your forum name]
VARIANT: [anything you like, can be a meme]
And traditionally, post an ad for the car here in the thread.


The calculator is complicated what do I do how do I calcualte

Now it should be much clearer

What do I put in CV idk what that is

I’ve added more instructions and automatised some of it… Basically you enter your engine’s displacement and you get back your CV rating, and if you add fuel consumption in litres per 100 km and service costs then you get the total running cost too.

What kind of speeds should the entries have is 70 mph fast enough?

Also will cargo weight capacity be a factor?

That’s about 10 more than the Famal gets. How good of an improvement that is, I’ll leave for you to judge. Remember that while outright speed is not that important it would be nice to still have any acceleration with the car loaded.

Load capacity will be a factor only if it’s really too low. If the game complains about it that might be the case.

Ayyyy! The multipla is the perfect car for any family from any year! Looks like an interesting challenge.

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I’m honestly very excited, this looks like a fun challenge! Now which brand should I put it under, hmm… Could be Bellosso, Feller, GW, or Sorenia at this point. Maybe a low-trim Onaria too…

Putting in some Parenthesis could help some people who have too much junior high PTSD been out of school for so long they don’t remember PEMDAS.

This seems fun, just want to confirm we should be using unleaded rather than leaded fuel?

Would a hatchback or sedan with three person benches front and rear be ok or do they need a wagon or van?

Parentheses added!
@donutsnail Oooh damn, yes, LEADED fuel, my bad. Thanks for pointing that out.
@mart1n2005 As long as they have a reasonably large boot, sure. I just couldn’t find real examples of those for inspirations, but they’re realistic enough to accept them IMO.

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Are you going to look at quality, people complain about quality spam sometimes but idk if it’s realism bin :frowning:

I’m going to look at everything. Yes, +15 anything in a family car would be extremely unrealistic. Think of it that way - would you expect something straight from a Rolls-Royce Phantom in a regular car? However most likely a car with such spam would be doomed by the (cost) effects of it anyway.

I didn’t want to hard limit quality but you’re making me reconsider that decision…

I thought the -3 to +3 hard limit I did was fairly reasonable, and my thinking was that it could be enough to give a slight edge with how you spent it, but not so much that it felt like it was a premium or luxury car in among standard commuter cars. Of course, I don’t know what others opinions on those limits were…


idk how many quality points a Rolls-Royce Phantom would have so I don’t expect anything lol

From when we did QFC16, but applicable here:

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Remember that this was the era where a single carb Volvo Amazon was seen as a rather fast car. Seems like people sometimes have a kind of skewed perception in pre 80s challenges about what realistic performance would be.


I have a 850kg car currently with a 43hp engine, and it tops out at just over 120 km/h, so I hope that seems reasonable for a mid to late 60s econobox.

Oh, right, forgot about that. Yeah, make the headlights yellow, but I won’t bin for whites.

Regarding performance - their Super F2 has a ~540 cc engine making 18 hp and 35 Nm IIRC, weighs around 625 kg, and gets to around 97 km/h top speed in who-knows-what time. They want something noticeably faster, but that’s where their expectations end.

@Knugcab I hope that the CV taxes will curb overpowered cars to some extent, but we’ll see.